Thursday, April 21, 2011

How do you ruin a country? Let Fidel, Hugo or Evo run it!


Have you taken a look at Bolivia lately?  

Bolivia has gone from bad to worse under the "clownish" leadership of Evo Morales!  

We see demonstrations now that Evo Morales eliminated fuel subsidies.  Naturally, gasoline and diesel went up once Bolivians had to live in the real world of energy prices.

The public unions are not happy either.  They want a 15% wage increase but reality has forced "Evo" to offer 10%. 

The unions have threatened more strikes and more strikes. Evo has been forced to throw the police and tear gas at them.  Nobody is happy.

Bolivia is just the latest Latin America nation to follow the failed Castro/Chavez model.

First, you destroy "the rule of law" by stacking elections, like Chavez, or never holding them, such as the Castro brothers.  

Second, you take money from the people who produce wealth and you give it to the public sector unions who get the voters out to vote.

Third, you destroy "el campo" with agrarian reforms.  In the end, the land does not produce but Evo's 'pandilleros" get more power.

Fourth, you go after "the rich" and drive them (and their wealth) out of the country.   The net result is that nobody will invest in a country that does not respect property rights.

Why does this matter to us up here in the US?  Why should we care about some country way down in South America?

Bolivia is another failed "Castro-Chavez" state.  We should let the people of Latin America know what happens when demagogues tell them what they want to hear.

Bolivia is a major cocaine producer and Evo Morales expelled the DEA a couple of years ago.

Bolivia, like Venezuela, has made friends with Iran.  Also, there are some reports that it could be providing uranium to Iran.

Pres BO has an opportunity here to stand up to Iran & Chavez.  

Let's hope that Pres BO seizes on the opportunity and calls for regime change in Evo's corrupt Bolivia.

P.S. For more, read Chavez-style Economics Fail Miserably in Bolivia by Jaime Daremblum, Costa Rica's ambassador to the United States from 1998 to 2004.

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