Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Didn't they tell me that these people would make us very popular all over the world!

The "WikiLeaks" are turning into an embarrassment for Pres BO and Sec Clinton. 

Let's check some of these headlines:

1) Clinton probed Argentine leader's 'nerves,' 'anxiety,' 'stress'
2) Guantanamo inmates traded for money and Obama handshakes
3) WikiLeaks: Barack Obama regarded David Cameron as 'lightweight'
So Sec Clinton was concerned that the lady president of Argentina was "a bit wacko"......
So Pres BO thought that PM Cameron was a lightweight.......didn't he have a bit more executive experience than our BO?
We learned that countries taking a GITMO detainee would be compensated by an interview with Pres BO!  What happened to those "Obama diplomatic skills" that were supposed to persuade our allies to work with us?
Once again, I am not defending "the leaks".....they are unconscionable!
Nevertheless, it's entertaining to see what the Obama administration thinks in private.......
Wonder what the next G-20 meeting looks like?  Or the next conversation with PM Cameron about troops in Afghanistan?

Julian Assange should be treated as an enemy rather than a publicity seeker!

I agree with William A. Jacobson, Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School:

"Julian Assange should have been indicted by now, and if the law did not allow more punitive measures in this circumstance, then the law should have been changed after the first document dump.

Assange is an enemy of our country and should be treated as such."

The Obama administration looks weak and impotent.

This is looking a lot like Pres Carter and that's very depressing!

Why didn't the Obama administration stop Wikileaks the last two times that they posted classified information?

In my previous post, I hit The NY Times hard on their irresponsible publishing of classified information.

We remind that CNN and Wall Street Journal did not publish the documents!

In this post, we are going to ask a simple question:  Who is minding the store?  How did this happen again?

Marc A. Thiessen raises a good question:

"What action did the Obama administration take to prevent the impending release of such volatile information?

State Department legal adviser Harold Koh sent a strongly worded letter urging WikiLeaks to cease publishing classified materials.

I'm sure that made Assange think twice."

Where was the Obama administration the last two times that Wikileaks posted classified information?

Why didn't Pres BO "blow up" the last two times and demand a review of controls over this classified information?

Who is minding the store?  It is not Pres BO!

Pres BO needs to get very "angry" and come down hard on The NY Times!

We agree that WikiLeaks irresponsibly published information that threatens our national security.

Unfortunately, we can't do much about WikiLeaks! 

I do agree with Rep King of NY that WikiLeaks should be named a terrorist organization.

However, WikiLeaks is outside of the country and it's hard to believe that another government will shut them down.

What can Pres BO do?  He should come down very hard on The NY Times.  He should denounce their decision to publish this information.

To be fair, The NY Times did not violate the law.   (Read The NY Times' explanation)

Instead, they acted irresponsibly in agreeing to publish national secrets, such as private conversations or "cables" between diplomats.

Who authorized The NY Times to release private conversations or memos?

How does The NY Times determine the national security value of these conversations or memos?

What confidential sources has this irresponsible decision compromised?

What future discussion won't happen because of concerns about leaks?

Pres BO needs to come down very hard on the irresponsible NY Times.

Again, The NY Times did not violate the law. 

The NY Times just demonstrated once again that they have no regard for our national security.

Click here for our chat with Bill Katz about this topic!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday show: A chat with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda

We spoke with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda.

We reviewed the situation in Korea, the START treaty and the general state of the Obama presidency.

Click here for the show!

The GOP will win Hispanics by talking about "the rule of law", "traditional marriage" and opposing abortion!

The GOP had a big night on election day:

The House----the latest count is plus 64 seats, or the best by any party since 1938!

The Senate----the GOP is at 47 and there are lots of vulnerable Dems in 2012!

Governorships----what a night!  The GOP now has governors in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona and New Mexico.

Statehouses-----the GOP has picked up state legislators all over the land!

However, the best part of election night was watching Hispanics rediscover the GOP

Rep Lamar Smith of Texas posted some great numbers this weekend:

"Exit polls reported by CNN and updated this week reveal that a historically robust 38 percent of Hispanic voters cast ballots for House Republican candidates in 2010 - more than in 2006 (30 percent) and 2008 (29 percent)."

Why are Hispanics voting for the GOP candidates?

First, Hispanics, specially first generation immigrants who came here from Mexico, understand the importance of "the rule of law".

You can add my Cuban parents to that group, too.

Second, Hispanics are pro-life, or anti-abortion.

The GOP is pro-life and supports overturning Roe v Wade, one of the biggest mistakes ever made by The US Supreme Court.

Third, Hispanics believe in traditional marriage, or a marrigage between a man and a woman.

Fourth, the economy are primarily concerned with job creation.

Fifth, Hispanics have painfully learned that the Dems are "talkers" about immigration reform but will not deliver once elected.

Sixth, Hispanics want education form, such as "school choice".

The GOP supports vouchers and alternatives to public education.  The Dems are "in bed" with the teachers' unions and can not support other options.

The GOP has a long way to go to capture the majority of the Hispanic vote.

Nevertheless, 2010 proved that we can do it and will expand our support from Hispanic voters.

Some thoughts on Chavez, Colombia & US-Latin America relations!

On Sunday night, we discussed Mexico, the US-Mexico border and Latin America with Ray Glaser of The Heritage Foundation.

IBD recently posted an editorial:  A Gangster With Oil

It touches on General Henry Rangel Silva, a man recently promoted by Chavez to general-in-chief, the top position in the Venezuelan military command.

IBD does not mince words:

"The promotion shows Chavez is surrounding himself with drug lords. Most leaders would expel someone with those credentials.

Not Chavez.

He almost seems to be flaunting Rangel and others like him.

One can only conclude that Venezuela is now a narcostate."

Click here for the interview

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The "leaks" and GITMO!

Before I comment on the "leaks", let me express my outrage over the leaks.

Someone needs to be prosecuted and quickly over this violation of law and breach of national security.

Nevertheless, it is interesting what we've learned from the first dump of information.

We learned today a lot more about Pres BO and GITMO.  This is what The Power Line is reporting today:

"When American diplomats pressed other countries to resettle detainees, they became reluctant players in a State Department version of "Let's Make a Deal."

Slovenia was told to take a prisoner if it wanted to meet with President Obama, while the island nation of Kiribati was offered incentives worth millions of dollars to take in Chinese Muslim detainees, cables from diplomats recounted.

The Americans, meanwhile, suggested that accepting more prisoners would be "a low-cost way for Belgium to attain prominence in Europe.""

Is that how we become "popular" around the world?

Didn't we spend an entire campaign hearing that it was all Pres Bush's fault?  Didn't they tell us that Pres BO would persuade our allies to take these prisoners?

Yes, the "leaks" are wrong.  At the same time, it is wrong for Pres BO to play "let's make a deal" to keep a campaign promise.

The NY Times blames the Republicans because the Democrat majority does not want to vote for Pres BO's agenda!

In 2008, lots of "yes we can" screamers showed up to vote for the candidate who was going to close GITMO, eliminate the "Bush tax cuts", make us more popular around the world and extend "unemployment benefits" forever.

Let's get our facts right: No one opposes "unemployment benefits". 

What's holding up the benefits?  Republicans want the benefits to be offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget.

In other words, the Republicans want the Dems to make choices, i.e govern! 

Why are so many of us concerned about deficits?  Our federal budget deficit is 10% of GDP in contrast to 3% under Bush!

Today, The NY Times, the loudest "yes we can" screamer of all, continues to promote the fantasy that the Republicans, or the minority party, are responsible for holding up the Obama agenda.

Check out this silly editorial: The Unemployed Held Hostage, Again

We remind you that The NY Times was a strong supporter of "the stimulus" that promised to keep unemployment below 8%.

How did that one work? 

Well, unemployment is 9.6% and we got very little for the US$ 787 billion spent to "save us" from another depression.

The Republicans are exactly right on this one.

Approve the benefits but cut something else in the bloated federal budget!

The NY Times needs to wake up from its "hope and change" dream.

At the very least, The NY Times should direct their anger at the Dem majority that does not have the votes to support Pres BO's agenda.

Again, the Dems have the votes......they just don't want to vote for Pres BO's agenda!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A chat with Winnie Biscet about her father, Dr. O.E. Biscet!

We spoke today with Winnie Biscet.  Her fathe is Dr. Biscet, one of the most celebrated political prisoners in the world.

Click here for the interview!

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Happy birthday to my little sister

I won't tell you how old she is.....but my little sister is one year older. (This is a picture with her four girls who are a bit older too!)

I hope that her daughters don't laugh at this song......but she was a big Bee Gees fan too & fine dancer in her younger days.

Enjoy your day and remember "Saturday Night Fever":

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Aggies make up for the Cowboys' heartbreaking loss!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with friends.  After that, we watched a couple of football games with very different outcomes.

Dallas looked like a winner when Roy Williams caught a pass and was running deep into NO territory.....but then he incredibly lost the ball and the Saints roared back.

Do you understand now why NO won the Super Bowl?  This is a good team!

Coach Garrett is 1-2 but Dallas is 3-8 and should start thinking about next year.......how about playing young QB McGee just to see what he can do before QB Romo comes back for the last couple of games?

I agree with JJ Taylor: Oh, how the mighty Cowboys have fallen

Yes, how did Dallas, a serious pre-season favorite to win the NFC, fall apart like this?

Yes, we can blame Coach Phillips.  However, I think that this is one of those cases where we overrated the talent.

Sadly, Dallas was not as good as we thought that they were!

I was guilty of overrating this squad!

Later, Texas A&M and Texas played their annual match.  Thankfully, it was a better game to watch, specially for those of us rooting for Texas A&M.

Cyrus Grey is awesome.....200 rushing yards!

And the team is awesome:

The Aggies went undefeated in November. They beat Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  They won nine games......and should get a nice invitation for a decent bowl game.

We want Texas A&M at The Cotton Bowl in Dallas! 

Congratulations to the Aggies for a great year and let's hope that Mr Jones & Dallas start thinking about next year!

Pres Calderon "is in the game".....will someone wake up Pres BO?

We got the news yesterday:  Mexico sending more troops to violent border zone

Pres Calderon is obviously reacting to the explosion of violence in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.

We congratulate Pres Calderon for taking such a bold decision. 

At the same time, we repeat that Mexico can not do this by itself:

1) they don't have enough soldiers with battle experience or high tech aircraft like the "drones" taking out terrorist leaders over in Iraq or Afghanistan; and,

2) this is a 2,000 mile plus border and we should be expanding The Merida Plan negotiated under Pres Bush.  

Where is Pres BO?

Pres BO was over in Portugal talking Afghanistan but nobody is sending troops.  (They told me that if I voted for McCain that no one would send troops to Afghanistan:  I did and there are no troops!)

Pres BO just got back from Asia where he ran into a lot of skepticism about his policies.  (Who told our "anti-free trade deals president" that he would be greeted like a "rock star" in South Korea?)

Where is Pres BO?

Pres BO was over in Indiana telling voters that his "stimulus" is stimulating.

Unfortunately, Pres BO's timing was awful: 

"The Fed lowers economic expectations for 2011 and the economic forecast isn’t pretty:

Moderate growth will continue (it’s currently at 2.5%), the unemployment rate will likely go down to 9% a year from now, and inflation may rear its ugly head if unemployment goes to 6% range....." (Fausta/Hot Air)

I guess that someone forgot to update the presidential teleprompter!

Where is Pres BO?

He is a lot of places except the US-Mexico border!

We call (again!) on Pres BO to make a "show of force" on the US-Mexico border by putting 10,000 well armed troops with sufficient "fire-power" to "greet" cartels walking over with AK-47s.

Why "the show of force"?

It won't fix every problem but it will show the world that the US is serious about defending its sovereignty.

It will also show the people of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California that we have a president who wants to protect them and their property from ruthless killers who don't respect anyone.

It will also help the Mexican government in making life more difficult for the cartels terrorizing the north of Mexico.

Again, we are very happy that Pres Calderon is "in the game" and understands the gravity of the situation.

We ask again:  Where is Pres BO?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (and Go Texas A&M)

(This picture is from the Texas A&M vs Texas game last year.  Alejandro is in the US Army, Silvio is working in NY and Gabriel is finishing at Texas A&M.  Beatriz and I are "home alone"!)

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family dinner!

We do have a few wishes for today: 

Go Cowboys and beat New Orleans!

Go Aggies and beat Texas down in Austin!

Thanks for a wonderful family and friends.  Thanks for your support over the last year!  Enjoy today's audio message!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Josh Hamilton: One of the most deserved MVPs ever!

Josh Hamilton ran away with the MVP award.  He got 22 of 28 possible first-place votes and beat out Detroit's Miguel Cabrera and NY Robinson Cano.

Hamilton hit a major league leading .359 with 32 Hrs and 100 RBI's.  He also led the league with a .633 slugging percentage and was second with a .411 on-base percentage.

Who knows what would happened if he had not missed most of September with a rib injury?

Hamilton was selected because he is a genuine "5 tool player".  It's tough to explain how great Hamilton is unless you watch him "day in and day out" like we did in Texas.

Hamilton is 29 and should enjoy lots of great seasons in Texas.  (Let's hope that Nolan Ryan gets Hamilton to sign a nice long term contract)

Again, ccongratulations to Hamilton.  He had one of the greatest seasons that I've seen from a home team player.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea is still a dangerous country run by dangerous people!

The news from the Korean peninsula is bad: NK shot SK and a couple of soldiers were killed!

It's always hard to understand why NK does what NK does! 

Ed Morrissey has a theory:

"More than likely, Kim Jong-Il has three goals in mind:

•Attention – The six-party talks have stalled for a while.
With their recent disclosure of a new uranium-enrichment facility, this is probably sword-rattling to focus attention on Pyongyang and to get its enemies to cough up more concessions.

•Test – Kim has tested the mettle of every American President to determine how committed each is to South Korea’s security.
Last year’s provocative missile launches showed that Barack Obama wasn’t committed at all to missile defense, and the sinking of a South Korean ship a few months ago didn’t prompt much more than finger-wagging from Washington.   Nor did we do much after seizing a ship exporting banned arms to Burma.

•Succession – Kim is very ill, and he needs to secure the succession to the third generation of his family. It will be difficult for any opponents in the military to suppress his son while he has them busy in a Great Patriotic War.
It will be especially difficult if this attack nets the DPRK tangible concessions in negotiations with the US and Japan."
Ed-M makes a lot of sense, specially the part about "succession" and all of the internal struggles going on around a dying leader.
Furthermore, I think that Pres BO needs to make a statement and stand by South Korea, our ally and important business partner.
Stay tuned. 
I have a question:  How much longer will China put up with stuff like this from NK?  I don't see one single benefit for China in having NK create this kind of uncertainty in the Asian markets!

Maybe Prince William & pretty Kate can put marriage back in style in Europe!

Congratulations to Prince William & his bride Kate.  They are a very photogenic couple!   

We wish them the best and look forward to another one of those beautiful royal weddings. 

We also hope that their wedding puts marriage back on the European "to do list".

Unfortunately, Europe is a very different continent than the one that Diana and Prince Charles got married in back in 1981.

First, "birth rates" are insufficient to maintain population: The EU's baby blues---Birth rates in the European Union are falling fast.

Why do "having babies" matter?  Babies are the future!  You can't maintain your population, and culture, without babies carrying your name, traditions and identity.

Second, marriage is also undergoing a huge crisis across the ocean: 

"Marriage is in decline across much of northern Europe, from Scandinavia to France, a pattern some sociologists describe as a "soft revolution" in European society -- a generational shift away from Old World traditions and institutions toward a greater emphasis on personal independence." (WashPost)

Why does marriage matter?  It is the central institution in a society.  It is the foundation of the family unit.

Third, the churches are empty:  Religion takes a back seat in Western Europe

It's sad to see how Europe has changed.

Let's hope that the royal wedding puts marriage back on people's minds!

The Europeans need to rediscover religion, get married and have babies or we won't recognize the land of our grandparents.

Mondays with Bill Katz

We spoke with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda.  We discussed the 47th anniversary of Pres JFK's assassination, the controversy over terrorist trials and the news from North Korea.

Click here for the show!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

When will Mexicans start crossing over seeking asylum from the violence in North Mexico?

We read stories like these often:

Residents Abandon a Border Town as Vicious Drug Cartels Go to War

"Ciudad Mier, a picturesque colonial village on the Texas border, was a sleepy tourist attraction until February, when two rival drug cartels turned it into a slaughterhouse."

Ciudad Mier residents move out, move on in nearby areas:

"Alberto Gonzalez rolled up to the gravel parking lot outside the apartment and got out of his old white and yellow taxicab.

The faded red letters on the Ford Crown Victoria’s door show a phone number and where he’s from — Ciudad Mier, Tamps.

"We came here because we are scared," the Mier native said in Spanish.

"There’s nobody there now. It’s a ghost town.""

Welcome to the US-Mexico border, a war zone!

Last week, a young man from San Luis Potosi told me that The Zetas are terrorizing farms and rural areas.

Another lady said that her family was not driving home for Christmas because they are afraid of running into Zetas, gangs or being in the wrong place when the bullets are flying.

Pres BO does not seem interested in the war going on across from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California.

Wake up Pres BO because you may soon have to deal with Mexican refugees seeking asylum from the brutal conflict yards from Texas!

Let's talk "off season" baseball with Paul Greco!

We spoke with Paul Greco, baseball journalist, radio show host and friend, to discuss the 2010 post-season.  We also looked at The Texas Rangers, Cliff Lee and other free agents.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's add Eleanor Clift to the list of "yes we can" screamers who are coming to terms with reality!

Like so many in the media, Eleanor Clift was one of many pundits who elevated candidate BO to the ranks of a "messiah" or a "transforming figure" who hasn't walked the earth in 2000 years!

Eleanor Clift just wrote this:

"Part of Obama’s problem is that there’s too much hero worship around him, and that translates into a reluctance to fault him for anything, except maybe that he didn’t make a good enough case for all the wonderful things he’s done."

Too much "hero worship around him"?

That's right Eleanor!

And you were one of the people in the media who participated in creating the "hero worship"!

Will Eleanor Clift go full circle and just admit that she fell in love with a guy who told her what she wanted to hear?

More about that crowd at the Texas A&M-Nebraska game!

What an amazing night for Aggie football.  We are so happy that our # 2 son got to be there. 

Click for the videos:

92,000 watch Texas A&M beat Nebraska!

My wife and I caught the game on TV, and got lots of "spirit" on the Aggies' radio network!

# 2 son was at the game, along with just about everyone else on campus!

What a defensive game!  I can't recall a 9-6 game decided by FG's

You don't have games like that anymore.

Cyrus Gray ran for 137 yards and Randy Bullock kicked the winning FG with 3 minutes left.....and the defense was superb!

Texas A&M is now sitting pretty and should be a candidate for The Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Congratulations to Coach Sherman and all of the guys on the team.

And a very special congratulations to the fans who were a huge part of this game too!

What a great night for the Aggies!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chill out! Gov Perry does not want to invade Mexico! He wants to protect Texas from people crossing over with A-47's!

We understand that Gov Perry of Texas has created a bit of "a reaction" with this: 

"Appearing on MSNBC on Thursday, Perry was asked, “Would you advocate military involvement in Mexico on the Mexico side of the border to help Mexico in this drug war?”
Perry answered:

“I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military.   I think you have the same situation as you had in Colombia.  Obviously, Mexico has to approve any type of assistance that we can give them.  “But the fact of the matter is, these are people who are highly motivated with money.  They are vicious.  They are armed to the teeth.  I want to see them defeated.  And any means that we can to run these people off our border and to save Americans' lives we need to be engaged in.”

Don't worry! Gov Perry does not want to invade Mexico!

However, it's nice to see that Gov Perry understands that there are "vicious" people walking in with A-47's terrorizing ranchers or anyone who gets in their way.

And isn't it great to hear a US politician openly say that he wants the cartels "defeated"?  Are you listening Pres BO?

Again, nobody wants to invade Mexico! 

What we want is for the Obama administration to do something on the border beyond kissing the hand of labor unions over "trucks" or pandering to the left with the Arizona lawsuit.

We are very happy that Gov Perry has reminded us that the US-Mexico border is one nasty war zone. 

On one side, there are cartels cutting heads and intimidating public officials with threats.

On our side, we have law abiding citizens watching cartels walk on their property and a Pres BO totally disengaged from this threat to our country.

Thank you Gov Perry!  Thank you for saying what a lot of us have been saying for a couple of years.

For more, see this on going series on FOX!  Or this in the WSJ: Northern Mexico's State of Anarchy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pres BO needs to dismiss AG Holder or explain the recent verdict to the families who lost their relatives at the two embassy bombings!

We want to believe that Pres BO is serious about fighting terrorists. 

We supported his decision to maintain the Bush/McCain policy in Iraq.

We stood with Pres BO when he sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.  We will fight the upcoming Dem efforts to undermine Pres BO's Afghan strategy.

We cheer his "preemptive" attacks on terrorist camps in Pakistan and Yemen.  

However, we do not understand a lot of things, such as "reading Miranda rights to the underwear bomber" who tried to blow up an airplane over Detroit.

And we do not understand the obsession with putting terrorists in civilian courts!

On Thursday, AG Holder's approach was dealt a major setback when AK Ghalini was acquitted on 284 of 285 counts.  (He was accused of participating in the US embassy bombings that killed 220 people, including US diplomats and citizens.

We call on Pres BO to explain this verdict to the families of the US diplomats or the other citizens of Kenya killed that day.

We call on Pres BO to justify his reversal of Pres Bush's policy.  Why are we putting these "high value terrorists" in civilian trials?

Was this guy charged with shoplifting or terrorism? 

Why are we treating him like a common criminal?  Terrorists are not entitled to any of those rights enshrined in our Constitution.

Pres BO and AG Holder's approach is illogical, destructive and dangerous.

We repeat that trying terrorists like shoplifters has not "affirmed American values" as candidate BO said over and over. 

Instead, his decision has blurred them and put more innocent people in danger.

We are at war with very bad people. 

They are committed to attack us and kill as many innocents as they can get away. 

We should not treat them like common criminals. 

They should be captured, processed and tried by military personnel or CIA operatives trying to get information about the next attack.

We repeat:  Fire AG Holder or explain the verdict to the American people!

Let's have an immigration policy that makes sense for the US!

We spoke on Thursday with Richard Baehr of The American Thinker and Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation abut resolving the illegal immigration in the US.

We need a solution that emphasizes three things:

1) It makes sense for the US economy.  As we discussed, the US needs talent to support the world largest GDP.

2) We are a nation of laws.  We are prosperous because laws, such as contracts and agreements, are respected in the US.

3) We are a compassionate people.  We should be fair to those who are working and contributing to the country.

Last, but not least, the GOP has a huge opportunity to make electoral gains with the Hispanic community.

First, Hispanics are very entrepreneurial.

Second, Hispanics are not in favor of abortion or same sex marriage.

Let's remind Hispanics that we are the "pro-life" party and the Dems are the "pro-abortion" party.

Third, we are not going to tell them what they want to hear, as candidate BO did when he made that silly immigration reform promise in 2008.

We will continue our "immigration shows" and come up with ideas that fix the problem rather than just "scream" about the issue.

Click here for the show!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How much longer can AG Holder keep his job?

On Wednesday, we got more proof that terrorists should be tried in military rather than civilian courts!

Catch this headline:  Terror Trial Setback for Obama

"The jury’s ruling is a serious setback for the Obama administration’s proposed plans to try self-proclaimed 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and other Guantanamo Bay detainees in civilian courts.
Government prosecutors who sat poker faced during the verdict said nothing as they left the courtroom."
The headline is right in calling this a "setback".  However, it is a setback for the US and the security of citizens in the West.

  I agree with Bill Katz:

  "This defendant was a soldier at war against the United States, but he was tried like a shoplifter. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, will have a field day with this verdict.
They will use it to cast doubt on the guilt of every Gitmo detainee. (Imagine holding civilian trials of Nazi prisoners in the middle of World War II.)

We need a new attorney general, and we need to try these perps in military tribunals, where the rules of evidence are more suited to the occasion."

Here is the bad news: He was tried in a civilian court!

Here is the good news:  He will be the last because the Obama administration won't be win this one in the court of public opinion.

This is insane and unnecessary.

We have a legitimate "military court" option for people like this guy.

What are we proving to the world by taking terrorists to civilian courts?

We are proving that AG Holder is the wrong man to be running The Justice Dept in the middle of a ruthless war like this!

Remember the happy days when all they had to do was blame Bush!

The Dems are one very unhappy family.

Yes, I know that the GOP has a few fights of its own but it's nothing like on the other side.

Check out this headline: Dems Frustrated With White House Over Tax Cuts

I guess that the Dems are just a little tired of a White House that can't get its act together.  They are frustrated over the ".....lack of guidance or ambiguous guidance coming from the president and his top aides."

Wait until they have something really serious to argue about, such as Afghanistan or bailing out California!

BO's communication problem is that he is not telling the truth!

We discussed the "job is too big for one man" theory in our last post.

We will now look at the next "excuse" or the last step in the harsh process of denial for BO's voters!

We hear that Pres BO has a "communication" problem or he is not explaining things well to the American people.

OK.  Who is going to explain the "waivers" granted under BO-Care.

Let's find out more:

"You'll also remember that President Barack Obama promised Obamacare was going to immediately alleviate some of the pain of rising premiums for businesses.

This week, we learned that 111 waivers had already been granted by the administration to those threatening to drop coverage for tens of thousands of employees they can no longer afford to cover.

Others across the country, such as AARP (sweet schadenfreude) and Boeing, were forced to raise their premiums, in part because of Obamacare.

Sixteen of the waivers, you won't be surprised to learn, were granted to union-based plans, which confirms that the sleaze-addled bill became a sleaze-addled law.

Why, after all, should a few chosen companies be granted dispensation while others subsidize them?" (David Harsanyi)

Yes, why?  Why should labor unions be given special deals paid for by the taxpayers?

Communication problem?  No way!  We understand exactly what he is saying.....and we don't like it!

We don't like seeing an administration cutting deals, i.e. exempting companies, and telling us that everyone will be treated the same way.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The "job is too much for one man" narrative!

Obama-mania has gone full circle!  We've gone from "he walks on water" to "the job is too much for one man" syndrome.

We heard this circa 1979 when Pres Carter was struggling with a bad economy and the Iran crisis.

It stopped in the early 1980s when Pres Reagan demonstrated that you can govern if you:

1) have popular support; and,

2) invite Dems to support your policies, such as he did with the tax cuts enacted in 1981, and a tough approach to terrorism.

Why are some making the "too much for one man" case again?

I think that Pres BO's supporters are looking for a reason, an explanation for his problems.

Could it be communication?  Could it be that the issues are too much for one presidency to fix?

Pres BO does not have a communication problem.  He has a substance problem.

We warned you that the presidency was no place to "promote" a guy who told you what you wanted to hear.

Unfortunately, things will get worse for Pres BO, specially in 2011 when Afghanistan blows up Dem unity and the public sector unions come calling for a bailout.

We discussed this, and other things, in our Wednesday show.  Click here for the show!

Sarah Palin is right about this one!

We are not trying to "fight" the 2008 election all over again but Sarah Palin is right!

During the Dem primaries, candidate Sen BO got a free pass on issue after issue.

For example, did someone ask him how he was going to close GITMO?

We wrote often in 2008 that the media was more interested in BO's historic canddidcy rather than whether he had the experience to be president.

Today, we see a man who is in over his head!

Let's hope that the media will do a better job in 2012!

We are not calling for "gotcha interviews" or "fishing expeditions"....we just want a media that will ask simple questions, such as "how are you going to close GITMO"?

Why are so many countries concerned with Pres BO's policies?

As the world turns, we hear more and more criticism of Pres BO's policies.

Today, we saw this:

"Along with countries such as Germany, Brazil and South Africa, China's worried that President Obama and Bernanke will destabilize the global economy by dumping too much money into the system."

The problem is that Pres BO's approach has a credibility problem.

The stimulus did not keep unemployment under 8% but it did add US$ 787 billion to our debt. 

By all accounts, the stimulus was a flop:

"These injections of cash may provide a short-term boost, but they don’t increase economic growth permanently. When the money goes away, the jobs go away too, and so will the artificial GDP growth." (VdeRugy

Check our conversation with Mario Yngerto about the US economy.  Click here for the show!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No trial for KSM (a.k.a. Pres Obama has to reverse another stupid campaign promise!)

Wonder how they will react to KSM's indefinite detention in "yes we can" land? 

Remember when the "yes we can" screamers cheered candidate BO's calls for trials for terrorists?

Remember when candidate BO used to say that the Bush administration was "trashing" our Constitution because of GITMO?

Well.....a funny thing happened on the road to reality! 

The US will now hold KSM indefinitely........wonder what the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will say about that one?

How about a little trip down memory lane?

Pres Bush and Congress created the military court process in 2007. It was designed for people like KSM, the mastermind of 9-11.

In 2009, Pres BO decided to move the trial to NY City.

Why? I guess that Pres BO wanted to prove to the world that terrorists could get a fair trial in the US.

In fact, he said this during the campaign:

"And the fact that the administration has not tried to do that has created a situation where not only have we never actually put many of these folks on trial, but we have destroyed our credibility when it comes to rule of law all around the world, and given a huge boost to terrorist recruitment in countries that say, “Look, this is how the United States treats Muslims.” (EM, Hot Air)

Who is boosting terrorist recruitment now?  Who is destroying our credibility? 

What happened? Why was Pres BO forced to reverse another very stupid campaign promise?

Everyone revolted, specifically all of those Dems in NY who did not want the KSM trial to turn into a security nightmare.

Let's hope that Pres BO and AG Holder have learned some big lessons.

First, the US does not have anything "to prove" to anybody about the quality and integrity of our judicial system.

Second, KSM is a terrorist.  The US Constitution does not guarantee a foreign terrorist any rights. 

Last, but not least, let's hope that Pres BO finally gets rid of AG Holder and restores sanity to our Justice Dept.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A chat with Agustin Blazquez about the situation in Cuba!

On Sunday night, we spoke with Agustin Blazquez.

Agustin was born in Cardenas and left Cuba on 1965.

He has written over 300 articles about Cuban issues since 1968.

The articles have appeared in the Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Washington Inquirer, Newsmax and FrontPage Magazine.

His videos are avaliable at Cuba Collectibles!

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