Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010: Polling data and trends

We spoke with Richard Baehr of American Thinker about the polling data and the 2010 elections.

We focused on 3 important races involving Hispanic Republicans:

Bill Flores in Texas. Bill is running against incumbent Chet Edwards, one of those "blue dog" Dems who always runs away from the national party during the campaign.

Richard likes Bill Flores' chances a lot in 2010.

Susana Martinez in New Mexico. She is hoping to become the first Hispanic woman elected as governor.

Richard thinks that this is a very competitive race and will be determined by turnout.

And Marco Rubio in Florida. Bill thinks that Rubio is running very strong. He is ahead in most polls.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pres BO is down and FOX News is up!

Pres BO is out bashing FOX News again: Obama says Fox News 'destructive' for U.S. growth

On the same day, we got this report as well:

"More people are getting their news about the upcoming election from cable television than any other source, and from Fox News more than any other cable channel, according to a POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll released Monday." (

Why is the President of the US bashing FOX News anyway?

The answer is that he is desperately trying to motivate a disillusioned base that voted for change and is not getting any!

Beyond political calculations, does it make any sense for the president of the US to get into a fight with a news network?

I don't think so! He sounds a lot like a "Whiner in Chief" and that's not where the president should be!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They told me that if I voted for McCain that we would use preemptive tactics against terrorists....

We learned a lot this week:

"In an effort to foil a suspected terrorist plot against European targets, the Central Intelligence Agency has ramped up missile strikes against militants in Pakistan's tribal regions, current and former officials told the Wall Street Journal.

The strikes, launched from unmanned drone aircraft, represent a rare use of the CIA's drone campaign to preempt a possible attack on the West."

We also learned this:

"The Obama administration is developing plans that would require all Internet-based communication services -- such as encrypted BlackBerry e-mail, Facebook, and Skype -- to be capable of complying with federal wiretap orders, according to a report published Monday." (FoxNews)

Again, we are very happy that the Obama administration understands the risks that we face, specially our enemies' intensity to kill us.

Here is my question: Who is going to apologize to Pres Bush? Who is going to say that all of those "Bush is running a police state" accusations were unfair and silly?

Wonder what would have happened in the 2008 campaign if candidate BO had said that he'd planned to retain the Bush anti-terror apparatus?

Let's talk with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda

We spoke with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda on Monday.

Bill spoke about the 50th anniversary of the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debates. We analyzed the debates and their impact on modern politics.

We discussed some new polling data, the Woodward book and other current events.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

I would rather play the Yankees!

Yes, I know the Yankees-Rangers post season history. I remember how NY swept Texas in 1996, 1998 & 1999.

That was then....this is now!

The 2010 Yankees may have more experience but the Rangers are younger and more athletic.

And how many times can you ask Jeter, Rivera, Pettite & Posada to win another big series?

Yes, I know that Hamilton is not 100% and that the Yankees will end up with a better record.

Nevertheless, I would rather play NY than Tampa.

Based on the current standings, I will have my theory tested next week!

Enjoy it again:

The GOP and Hispanics

We spoke with Manuel A. Rosales, Deputy Director Coalitions of the Republican National Committee and Adryana Boyne, National Director VOCES Action.

I gave a commentary recently calling on Republicans to outline a message to Hispanics:

1) Do not apologize for opposing illegal immigration. We should be the party of legal immigration or the rule of law.

2) Do not demonize the people who are here. On the other hand, call on Congress to create a more realistic "guest worker" program.

3) Talk about "the land of opportunity" in contrast to a nation of entitlement or dependency.

4) Call for "school vouchers" so that parents, not the teachers' union, runs our kids education.

5) Stand for life and traditional marriage.

I think that Republicans will make huge advances by addressing education, jobs and social issues.

Click here for the show:

Let's talk with Max Glauben

We spoke with Max Glauben on Friday.

Max is a Holocaust survivor and related great stories about that terrible moment in world history.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowboys 1-2: Where has "this" Roy Williams been for 2 years?

The Cowboys will enjoy Dallas a lot more this week than last week.

In other words, they won and get back in the NFC East. (It would have been too much to fall back 0-3)

They looked great in the 2nd half.

We've been waiting for Roy Williams to make big plays and he did today: 5 catches, 117 yds and 2 TDs! I agree with Collinshaw: Roy to the rescue!

And didn't you love LB Kevin Brooking sacking the Houston QB and forcing the Texas to hit a FG rather than score a TD? (I think that this was the turning point of the game!)

Let's think positive and look forward to the Titans and Vikings, or a couple of games that Dallas should win!

Congratulations to Michael Young & Rangers!

The Rangers made it official today with a 4-3 win over Oakland.

Beyond standings, I feel so happy for Michael Young, the veteran who's been an All Star in 3 positions and the face of the franchise for years.

In fact, Michael played in 1500 games with the Rangers before clinching a post season berth.

Texas will now wait to see whether they play NY or Tampa. It depends on who wins the AL East.

We hear that Josh Hamilton will be back next weekend and let's hope that he is ready for the playoffs.

No matter what, it's been a fun season to follow the Rangers.

Best of all, I feel great for Michael Young, one of the best players in Rangers' history.

They told me that if I voted for McCain that the administration would invoke state secrets....

Do you remember the 2008 campaign? Do you recall candidate BO blasting the Bush administration over GITMO and other things?

I guess that things look different when you are in power and responsible for defending the nation's security.

We learned this today:

"The White House on Saturday invoked the state secrets privilege to toss a lawsuit brought by civil liberties groups against an assassination plan against terrorists that would also target a U.S. citizen." (

I'm glad that the Obama administration is serious about fighting terrorists. Yet, it's hard to reconcile this with the campaign rhetoric.

Did we really a study to prove that men like "curvy women"?

Here is the study that you've been waiting for, or paying taxes for:
"A UT research team interviewed 375 men and women and concluded that men categorize women with attractive, curvy bodies as short-term partners, whereas a woman with a pretty face would more likely be considered for a long-term relationship." (DailyTexan)
We are all in favor of research but is this a waste or what?

I think that any man would have been happy to take the test for free and reach the same conclusion.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The GOP "pledge" is a good place to start!

The Republicans have released their campaign platform and it sounds like common sense governing.

It calls for returning spending levels to 2008 levels. Don't you miss those Bush deficits now?

Extend the Bush tax cuts to encourage investment and development.

Repeal BO-Care!

The "pledge" deals with immediate issues, specifically the lack of certainty brought about by Pres BO's bashing of businesses.

Did you see Jack Welch's attack on Pres BO? It is right on target:

"President Barack Obama's administration has an "anti-business" bias which manifests itself through intimidation, trade, taxes and regulation..."

Beyond the present, the Republicans need to consider a long term vision or an end to the dependency and entitlement policies that are killing the country.

Professor VD Hanson has a great post: A Nation of Peasants?

"The success of later Western civilization in general, and America in particular, is testament to this legacy of the freedom of the individual in the widest political and economic sense.

We seem to be forgetting that lately -- though Mao Zedong's redistributive failures in China, or present-day bankrupt Greece, should warn us about what happens when government tries to enforce an equality of result rather than of opportunity."

The Republicans, specially in 2012, should run on the message that the US should be a nation of opportunity rather than another European welfare state.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's talk about the 2010 elections!

We sat down with Richard Baehr of American Thinker to review the polling data for the 2010 elections.

Richard alerted us to some good news for Republicans in the West Virginia and New York Senate races.

We also looked at the governors' races, a largely unreported story in 2010! Could the Republicans sweep the Midwest, including Illinois?

During the interview, Richard brought George Will's new article to our attention:

"Political analyst Charles Cook doesn't hire dummies, and one of his talented associates, David Wasserman, has this theory: Democratic members of Congress who are in peril are disproportionately from districts where Democrats preferred Hillary Clinton over Obama in 2008.

She decisively beat Obama in the 8th District with 63 percent, and in November 2008 her voters were not Obama swooners: They simply hired him to fix the economy."

It sounds like the folks "clinging to their guns and religion" are a bit restless this year!

Click here for our interview with Richard Baehr:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some thoughts on this Thursday morning of September!

The Republicans seem poised to pick up quite a few governorships in 2010.

We could see a Republican in California, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Why are the Republicans doing so well?

It starts with opposition to BO-Care and the reality that Dems are paying the price for being the party in power.

Michael Barone believes that Pres BO is dragging down Dem candidates for Congress and governorships.

Speaking of the election, it looks like Republicans are getting the suburbs back.

According to Phillip Tucker, there is a lot of disillusionment with Pres BO over the economy.

Last, but not least, Gallup is comparing 2010 to 1994, or the year that Pres Clinton lost both houses of Congress.

Frankly, I don't think that the Republicans will win the US Senate this year but the House looks very promising.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did these people really think that BO would do everything that he promised?

It's a very bad for Pres BO when we see these stories in The NY Times:

Disappointed Supporters Question Obama

Recession May Be Over, but Joblessness Remains

Neglecting the Base By BOB HERBERT

The first article is about Pres BO's town hall meeting. It ended up being a parade of questions from disillusioned supporters.

The second one questions the wisdom of saying that the recession is over.

The third article is about the black base.

The common denominator is disillusionment!

I ask again: What led so many people to fall for a candidate who had no executive experience or accomplishments at any level of government?

Where did BO ever demonstrate that he could lead or bring people together?

I'm reminded of Professor Ajami's comments from October 2008:

"The morning after the election, the disappointment will begin to settle upon the Obama crowd. Defeat -- by now unthinkable to the devotees -- will bring heartbreak. Victory will steadily deliver the sobering verdict that our troubles won't be solved by a leader's magic."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Force the Dems to vote "up and down" on raising taxes on what they call "the rich"!

Let me say it again: The federal government, and most state and local governments, have a spending problem.

We do not have a tax problem in the US!

For much of the last 50 years, the federal government has been running deficits.

Yet, they were manageable deficits, or 3-4% of GDP.

Today, we are running deficits of 10% of GDP.

This is unsustainable, no matter times Pres BO wants to tell us that he is going to raise taxes on the rich!

The Heritage Foundation has a great post today: The Economic Toll of the Obama Tax Hikes

"Contrary to what you hear from the White House, the Obama tax hikes do not just hit the wealthy.

Economic life at all levels is so tightly interwoven that tax increases for one segment of the population will ultimately affect everyone.

Nearly everyone will pay something, either in lower income, higher interest rates or more expensive products, to name just three economic pains the Obama tax hikes will inflict on the economy.

The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has run simulations using their Individual Income Tax Model comparing current law with President Obama’s most recent budget proposal which includes:

1) higher taxes on individuals earning more than $200,000 and couples earning more than $250,000;

2) higher taxes on capital gains;

3) higher taxes on dividends; and

4) the return of the death tax.

The CDA found that the Obama tax hikes would:

Destroy an average of 693,000 jobs every year through 2020.

Drain $726 billion from disposable income, $38 billion from personal savings, and $33 billion from business investments.

Raise taxes on the 55% of all joint filers earning more than $250,000 who run small businesses that employ others.

Cost the average non-farm small-business owner $3,500 more in taxes.

Cost the 49% of all seniors with income below $250,000 $525 in additional dividend taxes.

Cost the 25% all seniors with income below $250,000 $742 in higher taxes.

The bottom line is clear: All Americans would suffer economic harm under the Obama tax hikes."

Indeed that they will!

It's time to stand tough and call for a spending freeze, the repeal of BO-Care, no vote on cap & trade and tax cuts for people who create jobs and produce wealth.

Rep Cantor of Virginia took the first shot today. He wrote Tax Fight: GOP Won't Back Down

Right on! Do not back down and give US voters a real choice in November.

We can become a "food stamps" nation under Pres BO or we can return to our "free market roots", or the same ones that made the US such a prosperous past.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Calling all lefties! Castro wants Cubans to turn into free market "capitalistas"!

It must be a bad day at "lefty land"!

We learned this week that the Castro brothers are no longer in the mood for socialism, communism or whatever other "ism" they practiced in Cuba.

Again, calling all lefties! Where is Michael Moore? Where is Oliver Stone? Where are all of those idiots who've "romanced" Che's image for 40 years?

Again, we call on lefties to visit Cuba because the left's paradise is about to dump socialism right down the toilet!

P.S. I like this from George Will:

"By saying what he recently did about the "Cuban model" (he said it to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic), Castro seems to have become the last person outside the North Korean regime to understand how statism suffocates society."

Wouldn't it be nice if the Dems actually had the guts to hold an "up and down vote" on The Dream Act?

The "we desperately need hispanos to show up to vote" Dems have a new idea.

Check the latest from the party that does not have the guts to stand up for what it believes!

Here is their idea, or the latest effort to get Hispanics to forget that candidate BO promised to pass immigration reform in year one or 2009!

The Dems want to add The Dream Act to defense appropriations, or the funds that support veteran hospitals and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why are they doing that rather than having an up and down vote on The Dream Act?

The answer is that they don't have the votes.

Let me repeat: The Dem majority does not have the votes to pass The Dream Act.

Frankly, there are some provisions of The Dream Act that should be enacted, specially for those young men who'd consider enlisting in the military.

At the same time, shouldn't we have an up and down vote?

Why are the Dems afraid of forcing their members to vote?

Why are we attacking those who create jobs?

We are dumbfounded by the economic ignorance of the Obama administration.

Check out Home Dept CEO Bernie Marcus. He has a wonderful message for those who don't understand how jobs are created.

Unfortunately, there are too much of these people around Pres BO thee days!

Click the video:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The 0-2 Cowboys have dug a big hole for themselves!

Here is some good news: Dallas started 0-2 and went on to win the 1993-94 Super Bowl.

Let's hope that 2010 is a lot like 1993!

Where do you start to analyze this loss?

How does an NFL team play so poorly on their home opener?

Bob Sturm has a good analysis of the loss. He makes a lot of good points, specially this one about the mistakes that this club keep making:

"For the offense, it's a theme we are getting used to: a lot of yards and a mistake that sabotages your play."

The Aggies great comeback!

It was a 21-6 game in the 3rd quarter.....but the Aggies scored three dramatic TDs to win.

My wife and I heard it on the radio. We had the Rangers on TV and enjoyed the Aggies' fun finish.

And we got reports from our # 2 son at the game.

It was a lot of fun!

The 3-0 Aggies have a week off and then will start the Big 12 season.

This is a fun team to watch:

Some 2010 thoughts! (a.k.a. Why are so many Dems avoiding Pres BO?

You can add another poll to the long line of polls bringing some bad news for Pres BO and the Dems.

The latest FOX News poll has very bad news:

"Wide GOP Lead Among Interested Voters; Obama Job Approval Hits New Low"

The RCP average of major polls has Pres BO at 45%! We remind you that candidate BO got 52% of the popular vote. In other words, he has lost voters, primarily independents!

So what's going on?

First, the economic stimulus plan has not stimulated.

See this from LA:

"I'm disappointed that we've only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million," says Wendy Greuel, the city's controller, while releasing an audit report."

55 jobs for $ 111 million? Are these the same people that want the federal government to run health care?

Second, the health care proposal was not explained properly and legislated with gimmicks, such as the special treatment for Nebraska.

We also learned today that Conneticut has approved tax hikes to pay for BOCare!

Ed Morrissey is right and not surprised:

"This comes as a great shock to all of those business experts on the Left that kept insisting that additional mandates meant lower costs.

To the rest of us, however, who actually understand risk pools and the difference between price and costs, it’s exactly what we predicted for over a year."

Third, Pres BO should have vetoed any bill that did not have significant Republican support. He should have forced both sides to work together, or fulfull a campaign promise to end the bitter partisanship.

Fourth, and worst of all, Pres BO does not understand how capitalism works.

In fact, Obama "....favors one class of people over another in the pursuit of a public good..." as Matthew Continetti wrote today.

We need change and we need it fast!

Here is some good news:

a) 31 Democrats circulated a letter calling on Speaker Pelosi not to raise taxes.

b) 5 Dems in the US Senate support extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

How about a bipartisan effort to stop Obama's tax hikes?

Check out chat with Mario Yngerto:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another stupid campaign promise is haunting BO & the "yes we can" screamers

As a wise man said: Be careful what you wish may get it!

Candidate BO made a lot of promises in 2008. However, Pres BO is having a lot of troubles keeping them.

Let's take a look at that promise to terminate the so called Bush tax cuts! We remind you that candidate BO referred to them as "tax cuts for the rich"!

Incredibly, no one in the media challenged him.

Reality is doing what "the madly in love with BO media" refused to do.

What happens if you end those Bush tax cuts?

The answer is that you raise taxes, and you raise taxes for everybody not just the rich!

Let's check it out:

"A typical family of four with a household income of $50,000 a year would have to pay $2,900 more in taxes in 2011, according to a new analysis by Deloitte Tax LLP, a tax consulting firm.

The same family making $100,000 a year would see its taxes rise by $4,500.

Wealthier families face even bigger tax hikes.

A family of four making $500,000 a year would pay $10,800 more in taxes.

The same family making $1 million a year would get a tax increase of $53,200." (FoxNews)

It's simple! You can't tax the rich without having consequences on the middle class.

Worse than that, a lot of these so called "rich" are small businesses that create the bulk of our jobs.

Frankly, some of us warned about this in 2008. Sadly, there too many "yes we can" screamers so drunk with "hope and change" that they lost their common sense.

Do you understand now why Dems are running away from ending the Bush tax cuts?

How lonely is it getting for Pres BO these days?

A few days, Peter Orszag, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget from 2009 to 2010, came out for extending the Bush tax cuts:

"In the face of the dueling deficits, the best approach is a compromise: extend the tax cuts for two years and then end them altogether."

This is astonishing. He was a key man in Pres BO's inner circle.

Mr Orszag is right to be concerned about the long term impact of these cuts in the deficit.

We should make the cuts permanent and reduce the deficit by cutting spending.

From GITMO to Iraq to the Bush tax cuts, the "yes we can" screamers are painfully learning that it was a lot easier to campaign than to govern.

Wonder how many are in the mood to show up at the next "yes we can" rally?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where would the Rangers be without David Murphy?

Welcome to my version of the David Murphy fan club.

He reminds me so much of Rusty Greer, the very talented Rangers' outfielder from the divisional titles of the late 1990s.

Murphy is hitting .287 for the season but .391 in September when the club needed him most to fill Hamilton's shoes.

Last night, Murphy hit a 3-run homer and continued helping the Rangers on the road to an AL West title.

My question for 2011: When is Murphy going to play every day? He deserves it!

In the meantime, Murphy and the Rangers have reduced the magic number to 8.

They play Seattle, LAA and Oakland over the next week.

My bet is that they will clinch the AL West next weekend against the A's!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another big night for the tea parties!

We are happy that the NRSC will endorse Christine ODonnell in Delaware.

After all, she won the primary fair and square. So let's give the lady a chance to run for the US Senate!

How will she do?

First, this is the year of the challenger without political experience.

Second, this is a bad year for Dems defending Pres BO's policies.

To be honest, I have not seen Miss ODonnell debate or handle media questions. Therefore, I don't know if she can play in the big leagues.

Nevertheless, let me repeat that this a good year to oppose Pres BO. She also brings a lot of devoted followers to the table!

Who is now opposing Pres BO? See for yourself: House Democrats Join Republicans in Opposing Obama Tax Plan

Click for Wednesday's thoughts:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Mr Jones: Who put "what" in the team's water supply?

In 50 years, the Cowboys have played in 8 Super Bowls, winning 5 and losing 3.

They've had bad seasons, such as the 1988 team that went 3-13 or the 1989 squad that went 1-15.

They've played bad games, such as that travesty in Philadelphia to end the 2008 season.

Yet, I have never seen a more pathetic and pitiful performance than the one on Sunday night at Washington.

How does a team with this kind of potent offense score only 7 points?

How does a veteran team make so many stupid mistakes such as the holding penalty that reversed a last second touchdown?

What was Tony Romo thinking when he decides to "flip" the ball over to a teammate with 4 seconds left? Whatever happened to common sense and taking a knee?

We have a lot of angry fans in Dallas.

Why? Because all of us know that this is a much better team than the one who showed up on Sunday night.

Let's hope that Coach Phillips has a "heart to heart" talk with the players and demands a better performance the next time around.

Bad bad and really bad!

That's all I"m going to say about a team that should be 1-0 rather than 0-1!

Monday, September 13, 2010

How about those Rangers?

In 48 hours, the Rangers have persuaded thousands of fans that this is not 1996, 1998 or 1999.

Everybody around here remembers how the Yankees swept Texas in the first round back then.

Nobody is thinking like that anymore.

On Friday night, Texas beat NY in extra innings.....great bullpen work.

On Saturday night, they finally got to Rivera.

On Sunday afternoon, they flat outplayed the Yankees.

Great series.

It was a lot of fun to watch.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the Yankees are an old team that won't keep up with the younger and more athletic Rays?

Go Rangers!

Pres Bush cut taxes for people who pay taxes.....

It was a lot easier to be a candidate.....all he had to do is make speeches and not be responsible for the consequences.

It's not so easy to be president, specially when you have to reverse so many of your stupid campaign promises.

Pres BO has made two speeches this week.

In both instances, he tried to excite his disillusioned base by bashing millionaires and billionaires. (Wonder if he is talking about the Kennedys?)

In Cleveland, Pres BO blamed the "Bush tax cuts" for the financial meltdown, the recession and LeBronne James going to the Miami Heat.

He is reaching....isn't he?

Let me say it differently: He is desperate.....isn't he?

The Bush tax cuts boosted an economy stuck in the collapse of 2000 and the attack on 9-11.

What did we get? We got 4.5% unemployment and budget deficits 2-3% of GDP.

Pres BO went on to blame the "Bush tax cuts" for the financial meltdown.....

How do we know is full of it?

More and moer Dems want the Bush tax cuts renewed!

Here is a memo to Pres BO: You can't be the "growth" president by bashing and punishing the people who grow the US economy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes, the Cowboys will play in the Super Bowl

The Cowboys start the 2010 season tonight in Washington.

My prediction is: 12-4 and a trip to the Super Bowl. (I won't predict beyond that because it depends on who they play in the big game)

This is how I got to 12 wins:

Dallas beats Washington (opening night), Chicago (home opener) and Houston. (3-0)

We beat Tennessee, Minnesota, the NY Giants and Jacksonville. (7-0)

The Cowboys lose 2 in a row.....the Packers in GB and the Giants in NY. (7-2)

Dallas beats Detroit & New Orleans (Thanksgiving) but loses to the Colts in Indianapolis. (9-3)

The Cowboys beat Philadelphia & Washington again. (11-3)

They split the last two games, beating Arizona but losing to Philadelphia in a meaningless last game of the season. (12-4)

Dallas will play New Orleans for the NFC title game and make it to the Super Bowl at the new stadium.

Who do they play in the big game? It will be Indianapolis, San Diego or New England.

Frankly, you have to give the edge to the AFC in the Super Bowl.

We will track our prediction on our weekly commentaries about the games.


Not a good time for Sec Clinton and Pres BO to get into a debate about the "Colombia-nization" of Mexico!

We learned today that Mexico is unhappy with Sec Clinton's remarks about Mexico turning into Colombia.

Pres BO is not happy either:

"President Obama sought to calm a diplomatic furor, disputing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's assertion that Mexico has begun to look like Colombia at the height of its struggle against a drug-financed insurgency.

To be fair, we've had disagreements between presidents and secretaries of state before.

However, I don't recall open contradictions like this regarding a major national security concern.

Is Sec Clinton the "rogue" Cabinet officer?

We recall that Sec Clinton took another shot at Pres BO over the federal deficits.

So what's going on?

First, don't underestimate the idea that the Clintons are setting the table for another campaign in 2012. (I said the Clintons because they are always a couple when it comes to seeking power)

Dick Morris knows the Clintons quite well. He believes that they are running and running fast: HILLARY’S FIRST SHOT

Second, and more important than political calculations, the Obama administration does not have a policy toward Mexico, specifically the national security crisis unfolding on the US-Mexico border.

Third, Mexico is indeed very different than Colombia.

We understand that Mexico could learn a lot from Pres Uribe's efforts, such as the improvements to the Colombian army & police.

Here is the big difference: Mexico is on our border and Colombia is not.

Also, the porous US-Mexico border is one gigantic opportunity for terrorism.

Here is the bottom line: Let's get our act together because the situation in Mexico is deteriorating daily! (Mexican police neutralize car bomb in border city)

Again, let's not argue about whether Mexico is or is not Colombia.

Instead, let's get serious about Mexico because we can not handle a massive inflow of Mexicans fleeing the war south of the border: Elite Flee Drug War in Mexico's No. 3 City

"The security situation is so alarming in Monterrey, known as the "Sultan of the North" for its industrial power, that the mayor has sent his family to live in Dallas, according to people familiar with the matter.

The mayor's office didn't respond to requests for comment."

Click here for Sunday's audio commentary:




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