Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another "yes we can" heartbreak: Pres BO needs to drop the Afghan deadline & extend the Bush tax cuts!

Slowly but surely, Pres BO is disappointing those who voted for him.

He will disappoint them again because two more campaign promises are about to meet reality.

First, The Bush tax cuts expire on January 1, 2011.

The net effect will be a massive increase on people who pay taxes and the investment class.

Common sense 101: Why would anyone increase taxes in the middle of a recession potentially turning into another recession?

Professor Allan Meltzer wrote a very sharp critique of BO-economics: "W
hy Obamanomics Has Failed----Uncertainty about future taxes and regulations is enemy No. 1 of economic growth."

This is true. Businessmen all over are unsure about the future. Nobody knows about the tax or regulation situation pending.

Pres BO needs to extend them or face huge tax increases!

Second, on Afghanistan, Pres BO started out on both sides----fight the war and promise a deadline!

Michael Goodwin adds this:

"Our troops need to know, and so do our allies and enemies. We the people also deserve a clear answer."

So what's next?

Pres BO needs to break more "yes we can hearts" and walk away from two promises, the Bush tax cuts and the Afghanistan deadline.

On both issues, Pres BO is hostage to some rather silly campaign promises.

During the campaign, candidate BO spoke about how Bush cut taxes for the rich.

He forgot to say that Bush gave tax cuts to people who actually pay taxes and the investor class so vital to spark an economic recovery.

On Afghanistan, he is now caught between the "yes we can screamers" and Gen Petraeus.

Expect more disappointment from the land of "yes we can" fantasies!

P.S. On Tuesday, I spoke with Mario Yngerto about the economy and the Bush tax cuts:

Tuesday's show: The RNHA in Dallas & our economic chat!

On Tuesday's show, we Mario Yngerto, local businessman, about the latest on the US economy.

We also get a report from Manuel Valles-Tellez about the upcoming RNHA-Dallas program.

Click here for the show:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Twilight Zone episode: 250 troops to protect the Mexico-Texas border? 524 for Arizona?

Pres BO promised 1,200 troops to the US border.

Unfortunately, we have not seen them. However, we did get some idea of where the force is headed.

This week, Gov Perry of TX joined Gov Brewer of AZ and blasted Pres BO for the inadequate border policy:

"Arizona would get 524 National Guard troops, Texas would get 250, California 224 and New Mexico 72, officials said.

Another 130 would be at a national liaison office."

What exactly are 130 (or 10% of the total) doing at a national liaison office? How are these people going to protect our border?

This is not a deployment. This is a farce.

First of all, we have the troops. In 2006, Pres Bush put 6,000 guardsmen on the border and they were very effective.

Back then, the issue was human traffic.

Today, the real issue is cartel violence and a border that resembles a war zone.

In the meantime, the Obama administration continues to look weak:
Napolitano: ‘You’re Never Going to Totally Seal That Border’

And Mexico looks more and more like it's out of control:
Mexican Candidate Killed

Monday, June 28, 2010

Josh Hamilton's 468 ft home run!

Last night, Josh Hamilton hit one of those shots that had fans checking heir vision:

Josh Hamilton's second-inning blast second longest in Rangers Ballpark history

Sit back and consider these numbers:

1) 21 game hitting streak;

2) he is batting .346 with 19 hrs and 57 Rbi's; and,

Hamilton is batting .494 (40 of 81) over the three-week stretch.

Can you imagine Hamilton getting 50 hits in 100 Ab's?

He'd need 10 hits in his next 19 Ab's!

Can he do it? Probably not but who would have believed what he's done already?

What's wrong with our schools?

On Sunday night, we spoke with Prof. Robert Weissberg, author of "Bad Students, Not Bad Schools".

Mr. Weissberg is professor of political science emeritus, University of Illinois-Urbana. He has written several other books, such as "Polling Policy and Public Opinion", "The Politics of Empowerment" and "The Limits of Civic Activism and Pernicious Tolerance."

We discussed the current state of US education.....what's working? what's not working?

Click here for the show:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

An update on "hope and change"!

Have you had coffee with any "yes we can screamer" lately?

Well, I have......and they are divided into two groups:

1) It's the Republicans' fault; and,

2) The truly disenchanted.

Of course, it's tough to blame Republicans when the Dems have a president & the congress.

Why so much doom and gloom from the land of "yes we can" fantasies?

Let's check out a couple of headlines today:

Key Dem: Immigration bill lacks votes

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority

The Dems ran to pass immigration reform and close GITMO. I guess that reality caught up with them.

Can someone tell Pres BO that Arizona is part of the US?

Arizona is well known for beautiful parks, wonderful terrain and lots of people who love to spend time outdoors.

Today, the Obama administration officially announced that US sovereignty does not include portions of Arizona.

Annie Jacobsen posted this today:

"Eighty-five miles northwest of Tucson lies the Sonoran Desert National Monument, a lovely area designated as a national park by one of the last acts of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Today, the road to get there is closed."

Yes, it is now officially unsafe for Arizona's families to enjoy their own state.

Yes, Arizona's taxpayers can no longer enjoy the parks that their taxes support.

Why is this happening?

The simple answer is that the US-Mexico border is a war zone:

"An American national monument has become a drug-smuggling corridor between Mexico and the southwest.

Wars between Mexican drug cartels have grown so severe in the park that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who manages it, says it’s too dangerous to enter."

Why is this happening?

Because our "I desperately need Mexican-Americans to turn out in November" Pres BO does not want to defend the homeland.

This is a disgrace and Arizona has every right to feel outraged!

Do you understand now why Arizona's Democrats are desperately calling on Pres BO to stop lawsuits against their state?

Dick Morris has a great post about Pres BO courting the Hispano vote:

"Why is President Obama suing to invalidate the Arizona law on illegal immigration?

Why is he incurring the enmity of even his own Democratic Congressmen from the Phoenix and Tucson areas by trying to kill a law that two-thirds of Arizona and a similar proportion of America as a whole supports?

The answer: It is a desperate, last ditch attempt to rebuild his sagging popularity with America’s Hispanic voters.

Furious at Obama for failing to keep his election year promise to promote comprehensive immigration reform when he had a super-majority at his disposal, they are deserting the president and his party in droves.

Unemployment, a sagging economy, and their sharp disagreement with Obama over social issues don’t help the president’s cause any.

So Obama has seized on the Arizona immigration law as a symbolic target, hoping to accomplish in a lawsuit the political task of rebuilding his base."

"Hispanos" are also coming to terms with the reality that they voted for change but got a Dem majority that won't fulfill a campaign promise: Key Dem Rep says immigration reform doesn’t have the votes this year!

The Arizona situation is insane but this is Obama, the man who sat in Rev Wright's church for 20 years but never heard a racist or anti-Jewish sermon.

Frankly, I never thought that I would see our federal government tell its citizens that a park is unsafe for families to go camping, picnics or hiking.

Again, this is BO's world!

Thankfully, more and more Americans, including the millions of "hispanos" who came here legally and love "the rule of law" are checking out of "the hope and change" express.

P.S. We love Gov Brewer. It's nice to see that someone has "pantalones" in this debate.

Click this video:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's chat with Bill Katz about the Obama-McCrystal episode!

Bill Katz of URGENT AGENDA and I discussed the Gen McCrystal episode.

What does it mean for Afghanistan?

What does it show about Pres BO's management style?

Can Pres BO keep his promise to start withdrawing troops in July 2011?

Click here for the show:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Paul: Your music is great but your politics stinks!

What's wrong with Paul McCartney?

The answer is that Paul has decided to talk politics and global warming.

What's wrong with that?

He doesn't know what he's talking about. He is also making a fool out of himself!

Today, Paul's "magical mystery tour" into politics gave us this:

"“Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don't believe there was a Holocaust."

Sorry Paul. Stick to singing. After all, you became a multi-billionaire by singing not political analysis:

A chat with Michael Hoffman

On Thursday, we spoke with Michael Hoffman, a motivational speaker in the North Texas area.

Click to the listen to the show:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Michael Young again & 10 in a row for Rangers!

Guess who is playing at a .606 pace? (Are the Rangers really going to win 100 games this year?)

The Rangers continued their amazing streak of good pitching and timely hitting?

What happens when your pitchers go deep and your hitters get clutch hits?

The answer is that you win and you win a lot of games

Last night, Hamilton got a night off but they won 13-3 anyway.

Andrus went 3 for 5.....Young got 3 hits & 4 RBIs......Nelson Cruz got 3 hits and raised his average to .333 and Borbon is up to .298 after a very slow start.

Logic tells us that the winning streak will end and that Texas is not going to finish with a 100 victories.

Nevertheless, this is a fun team to watch. This is also a team that looks like it will win the AL West.

Chicago: What else could go wrong for BO?

Another day and another set of challenges for BO!

What else could go wrong? A Chicago scandal? (
Corruption trial distant, unwanted headache for president...)

Back in Chicago, the "Blago trial" is getting very interesting: Lawyers seek summaries of Obama interviews ...

From day 1, I've had one question: Did BO know that his Senate seat for sale? Did he know that his aides were involved in a potential crime to sell his seat?

I don't know the answer. It'd help if Pres BO would make a statement and explain his involvement in the whole thing!

Dear Pres BO: Are you listening to the Dems seeking reelection in Arizona?

We learned this today:

Arizona Democrats facing tough reelection races are distancing themselves from the Obama administration as it prepares to file a lawsuit against the state over its controversial immigration law." (TheHill)

Why are Dems doing this?

The Arizona law is very popular at home.

We reiterate our position that all of this talk about a lawsuit is political posturing and pandering to Hispanic Dems.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday's show: The Arizona law

On Tuesday, we spoke with Bill Smith about the federal challenge to the Arizona law.

Click here for the show:

Gen McCrystal's tactics were wrong.....however, Pres BO needs to understand that the soldiers are not happy with "his withdrawal comments"!

It was bound to happen.

Sooner or later, this volcano was going to explode and expose the growing feud between Pres BO and the guys trying to do a job in Afghanistan.

Don't get me wrong.

I believe in civilian control and the constitution.

In other words, Pres BO is the commander in chief and the generals follow orders.

Pres BO has every right to dismiss Gen McCrystal.

At the same time, this problem is not going away because we change heads.

Afghanistan is a mess because Pres BO played to his frustrated base and called for an early withdrawal.

Pres BO's politically motivated decision has made life impossible for the guys trying to work with the locals over there.

Let me repeat: No one defends insubordination.

We repeat even louder: This is a much bigger problem than a general who didn't restrain himself with the media.

Pres BO needs to reassure the soldiers that he is committed to victory rather than giving his disgruntled base something to digest for now.

It will be a very hard summer in Afghanistan. We will see lots of casualties as US, UK and Canadian troops take the fire to the enemy.

Our soldiers need to know that Pres BO is committed to this difficult fight...and will not make their lives harder with stupid, and I mean stupid, statements to appease the anti-war base!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday's show: Colombia and the Arizona law

On Monday, we spoke with Fausta Wertz, Latin American expert, popular blogger and BTR host, about the election in Colombia and the rumors of a challenge to the Arizona law.

Click here for the show:

Challenge to the Arizona law? I'll believe it when I see it!

How does this administration handle politically difficult issues?

First, they promise the "base" that they are going to follow up on campaign promises.

Second, they never say "where or when"!

Or, they put it off into the future, as they are doing with a decision about terrorist trials: The Obama administration will make a decision on where to hold terrorist trials…after the November elections. Surprise, surprise!

So what will happen with the Arizona law?

We are still waiting for a formal confirmation about a lawsuit.

All we have so far is an answer to a reporter's question in Ecuador!

The Obama administration faces two huge challenges:

1) Americans support the Arizona law:

".......recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, Americans side with Arizona by a 58 percent to 41 percent margin.

In late May, Quinnipiac put the numbers at 51 percent to 31 percent.

CBS found that 52 percent think the Arizona law is "about right" while only 28 percent believe it "goes too far."" (WJAntleIII)

Good luck trying to go against public opinion again.

After all, where is that "health care" bounce that Pres BO and Speaker Pelosi promised Dems seeking reelection in 2010?

Good luck getting all of those Dems in tough election campaigns to support the administration's challenge of the Arizona law. (56% Oppose Justice Department Challenge of Arizona Immigration Law)

2) The feds may not have much of a case, no matter how much hysteria and fear mongering has been peddled by self-appointed Hispanic leaders, and sadly, by so many in the Spanish speaking media:

"But Arizona did not create new immigration violations out of thin air. It took what were already federal crimes and made them state ones too, while giving local police a reasonable opportunity to enforce them.

In other words, Arizona followed the federal government's immigration policy.

Even the state's enforcement role is limited. Arizona can't deport anyone.

It can only refer the people it believes are illegal immigrants to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The federal government remains the ultimate arbiter of who is in the country illegally and still sets immigration policy." (JWAntleIII)

What's the federal case? Are they going to say that a state can not enforce federal laws?

Again, good luck with that! This is not going to be "slam dunk" that so many have been predicting. The people who wrote the Arizona law understood the challenges and crafted a law to address each one of them.

I agree with Ed Morrissey:

"The Obama administration is about to fall on its face in court....."

Put me down as someone who will believe it when I see it!

In the meantime, "el gran coqueteo" of "hispanos" continues.....the Obama administration has used Hispanics cynically and shamefully!

How much longer will "hispanos" continue to buy into this? Or vote for people who tell them what they want to hear?

Hopefully not long!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Check our Sunday night chat!

On Sunday night, Chris Corbett and I looked back at some of the big issues, from Afghanistan to the oil spill and the proposed lawsuit against Arizona.

Click the show:

Why won't Pres BO waive the Jones Act?

Did you hear about the Jones Act? Here it goes:

a protectionist law that prohibits foreign-flagged boats and crews from doing port-to-port duty within 3 miles of the US coast." (CSM)

I guess that taking care of the unions is more important than cleaning up the gulf!

The people in the gulf are calling on Pres BO to allow foreign ships to come in and help in the clean up.

Back to the CSM:

"On Friday, Sen., Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) of Texas filed legislation to
waive the Jones Act to welcome more high-tech foreign clean-up boats, saying the Jones Act is standing in the way.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said last week "that we have not had [a] problem" with the Jones Act.

At the same time, US marine interests complain that up to 1,500 US-flagged skimmers sit idle, and should be used first."

Pres Bush waived the Act in 2005 during the Katrina crisis.

Why can't Pres BO do the same thing and allow some of our friends to help us? They have the special boats and the willingness to lend a hand.

What's more important? Cleaning the gulf or pleasing the unions?

Check out our "Sunday night chat":

How can you fight a war by telling your enemy that "you are out" next summer?

Afghanistan was the Dems' favorite war when they were out of power and in "the speech business".

It's a lot different now, specially since Pres BO committed 30,000 troops.

What's going wrong over there?

First, where are all of those "madly in love with BO Euros" and their troops?

Remember the days when the NATO countries told us that they were turned off by the Texas cowboy?

What's up now? Why aren't we seeing NATO troops other than Canada, the UK and the US?

Second, Pres BO made a huge mistake by telling the enemy that we would begin withdrawing in the summer of 2011.

How can NATO troops cut deals when the locals suspect that we are going home?

What happens when the locals understand that the Taleban will settle scores after we leave? Cut their heads off? Rape their daughters? Kill their sons?

The Wash Post has a message for Pres BO and all of the confusion coming out of this administration:

One is the uncertainty created by President Obama's stipulation that U.S. troop withdrawals begin in July 2011 -- which seems to have caused many Afghans to conclude that American power and influence will quickly recede after the coming year.

The second, related to the first, is the administration's lack of a clear definition of the political end-state it seeks -- other than a set of conditions that will allow U.S. troops to withdraw without handing a new sanctuary to al-Qaeda."

Unlike a lot of Dems, we supported Pres BO's decision to send the troops and get serious about finishing Al Qaeda, the Taleban and whatever else is a threat to our national security over there.

We want to see "a little Bush in BO".

In other words, we want the locals to understand that we are there to stay and finish the job.

It worked in Iraq! Let's do it in Afghanistan.

Check out our "Sunday Night chat":

Josh Hamilton is redefining what we mean by a hot streak!

On Sunday, Josh Hamilton tied the game in the 9th and then won it in the 10th!

Most guys would be happy to have a game like that....!

However, this is just a bit of what Hamilton has been doing in June:

Hamilton finished 5-for-6 on the afternoon and was 20-for-39 with three home runs and 10 RBIs on the trip.

He also has a 16-game hitting streak. During that streak, he is 31-for-64 (.484) with seven home runs and 23 RBIs.

Hamilton was great in 2008, but this could be the hottest streak he has been on with the Rangers. " (MLB)

He is hitting .337 with 16 HRs and 58 Rbi's.......and we've only played 69 games.

My guess is that Hamilton will cool off at some point. However, this is new territory for me!

I have never seen a hitter look better than Hamilton this month!

P.S. Hamilton, and starters going deep into games, add up to having the Rangers in first place in mid-June!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A chat with Rick Johnson about Fathers' Day!

On Thursday's show, we spoke with: Rick Johnson, author and founder of Better Dads.

I hope that everyone caught Rick's suggestion of writing a note to your dad this year!

Click here for the show:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sorry World Cup......but we are also into TCU in the college baseball finals!

TCU of Ft Worth, TX, is the local representative in the college baseball finals. (They beat # 2 Texas to clinch a spot in the finals)

They are formally known as The Texas Christian University Horned Frogs! (What's a horned frog?)

And they've earned their trip to Omaha for the college baseball finals.

Today, TCU started its quest for a title with a nice win over Florida State: 8-1

Stefan Stevenson has a good analysis of the TCU team:

"So you're suddenly a huge TCU baseball fan, huh? That's OK, there's plenty of room on the bandwagon as it arrives in Omaha for today's opener against Florida State.

Is it a shock the Horned Frogs are in the College World Series?

Not really.

TCU was one win away in 2009.

Before the season began, players and coaches talked in matter-of-fact tones about their stated goal: Omaha.

TCU has good pitching and they play defense. And they look like a "team of destiny", the kind of club that could win it all in 2010!


"Whoops" all over, specially among those who bought into it!

Did anyone see this one coming? We've gone from the guy walks on water to he can't swim!

It's another weekend and another round of critical columns about the Obama presidency.

Let's start with
Charles Blow, the very liberal NY Times columnist:

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that the magic has drained away.

Even among his most ardent supporters, there now exists a certain frustration and disillusionment — not necessarily in the of his duties, but in his inability to seize moments, chart a course and navigate the choppy waters of public opinion."

Let's check with
Professor VD Hanson:

"But what exactly does
Barack Obama wish to accomplish abroad?

In interviews and speeches, Obama emphasizes his nontraditional background and his father's Islamic heritage.

Apparently, he hopes that by reminding the world that he is not George W. Bush, America will be better liked."

As we pointed out during the peak of Obama-mania, be careful about a foreign policy based on love and an obsession to be liked.

Peggy Noonan
, one of those conservatives who bought into "hope and change" is now worried that BO is Carter:

"The president is starting to look snakebit. He's starting to look unlucky, like Jimmy Carter."

Did Carter have bad luck or did he project such a weak foreign policy that the bad guys decided to challenge the US all over?

The Carter analogies are all over Europe, a continent that can not defend itself and relies on a strong US president.

Weren't these people in Europe jumping up and down two summer ago?

Mort Zucherman delivers the final punch:
World Sees Obama as Incompetent and Amateur

So what's going on?

Bo's candidacy was based on two first class :

First, "everything is Bush's fault"! In other words, replace Bush and everybody is happy again!

By the way, the blaming Bush stuff is losing its political value:
47% Blame Bush for Nation's Economic Problems, 45% Blame Obama

BO owns this economy, as every Dem seeking reelection knows quite well.

This is 2010 and not 2008! Read:
Earth to House Democrats: It’s time to push the panic button. But don’t take my word for it; consider the evidence.

Second, and more damaging than the first, BO's voters did not take seriously the fact that their candidate had no executive experience.

How can you vote for someone who has never run anything? From Washington to Bush, all of our presidents had experience as governors, mayors, CEOs, small business owners or distinguished military service.

As we've said before, this is not going to end well for all of those who got caught up in "the personality " and did not look into the man's lack of qualifications to serve as president.

As your parents warned you, irrational decisions bring bad results, no matter how often the speaker tells us what you want to hear!

Let the courts decide: Go ahead and challenge the Arizona law!

Yesterday, Sec Clinton told a reporter in Ecuador (yes I said Ecuador) that the Obama administration plans to challenge the Arizona law.

She did not say "where or when"!

We are still waiting for AG Holder to confirm that the Obama administration is really going to file a lawsuit.

Sec Clinton told the reporter that it's up to the federal government to fix immigration.

We agree that the federal government has a constitutional duty to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws.

Memo to Sec Clinton: Who is the federal government? Didn't you people win the election?

Sec Clinton's comments have created a little confusion up here:

First, why are talking about this in Ecuador? Shouldn't the Obama administration talk about such legal challenges here?

Second, how long does it take full time lawyers in the Justice Dept to read, review and brief AG Holder about the Arizona law? After all, it is only 10 pages long and very simple to read.

Third, this is an extremely popular law in the US. Poll after poll shows that most Americans support it!

I think that the Obama administration is caught between political reality (the polls) and growing dissatisfaction in the Dem base.

Also, there is no certainty that the challenge will reverse the Arizona law.

What if the courts agree that Arizona's law is simply calling for the enforcement of current immigration law?

In other words, Arizona did not create or invent any new laws.

So let's see what happens when the challenge actually happens. Let's see what happens when the federal government goes after a state enforcing existing immigration laws.

Politics aside, I want the courts to decide, for once and for all!

By the way, Arizona is ready for the challenge whenever the Obama administration gets around to it......If they get around to it at all!

Pres BO's Iran policy makes no sense!

We don't suggest that Iran is easy. We are also not calling for a military option, although such an option must be on the table.

At the same time, can't we expect that the Obama administration will take a serious stance and stand up to the most dangerous regime in the Middle East?

Michael Hirsch makes a good point:

"If a bad man was about to attack you, and there was no escape, would you tackle him one limb at a time?

Go for one leg, and then the arm, and then maybe the other leg, one after the other?

Or would you try to take the bad man down all at once, in any way you could?

The Obama administration appears to be adopting something like the former approach with Iran. "

In other words, the Obama administration doesn't believe in a tough policy toward Iran.

The net result is an emboldened Iran and lots of cheers from our enemies, such as you will see in the video below.

What about that new approach, the "soft anti-Bush approach"? Remember how we were going to be popular all over?

How is it doing?

Read this:

"Muslim countries wary of U.S. and Obama, poll shows"

It's not going well in the UK either. Our relations with the UK, the only country that has not hesitated in Afghanistan, is not going well.

The Brits are not happy with the way that BO has treated them.

We are showing weakness with the world's rogue states.

We are also showing incompetence, according to Mort Zuckerman:

"The end result is that a critical mass of influential people in world affairs who once held high hopes for the president have begun to wonder whether they misjudged the man.

They are no longer dazzled by his rock star personality and there is a sense that there is something amateurish and even incompetent about how Obama is managing U.S. power."

Sorry.....but what in the world did all of these people see in BO anyway? What were they smoking?

Click the video & sing-a-long:

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Plug the hole" and stop giving speeches that make no sense!

My guess is that our narcissist president still thinks that he can fix every problem by looking into the TV camera. After all, didn't he had them jumping and down during the campaign?

I am not the only who can't understand that speech a couple of nights ago.

Check out David Broder:

But the only thing people want to hear from him is word that the problem is on its way to being solved — and this message he cannot deliver."

Check out Dan Froomkin:

"The most depressing thing about President Obama's profoundly underwhelming speech Tuesday night was that the White House thought it would change everything, when there was no good reason to think it would change anything."

I ask again: Who decided in this White House that a presidential speech would fix anything?

When is this White House going to come to terms with the fact that 2010 is not 2008!

Pres BO's speeches don't work anymore. We saw that in the health care debate, or the elections in Virginia, NJ and Massachusetts, or the primaries in PA.

P.S. Here is the latest video about the man who'd rather play golf than govern:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A great night for Michael Young!

The Rangers are playing great and Michael Young is leading the way again.

Tonight, Young passed Ivan Rodriguez to become the all time hits leaders:

"Michael Young is now the Rangers' all-time hit leader. The one that put him on top also put the Rangers over the top in a 6-3 victory over the Marlins." (

Isn't that the ultimate team player?

He breaks a record but he helps the team win a big game!

Congratulations to Michael Young.

He will get a lot bigger hits in the future!

P.S. Hamilton went 4 for 5 and he is now hitting .323 and 48 RBIs!

What do you do when the speeches don't work anymore?

Be careful about voting for someone because he gives a great speech....he may be expected to govern as well as give you a good speech.

Ed Morrissey posted a succint review of Pres BO's speech:

"Even Obama’s supporters have begun to see what his critics have long known: Obama is an empty suit.

His sorry performance last night showed just how little he understands his job, the situation, and the expectations of the American people."

It gets really bad when
Robert Reich writes this about the speech:

"The man who electrified the nation with his speech at the Democratic National Convention of 2004 put it to sleep tonight. President Obama's address to the nation from the Oval Office was, to be frank, vapid."

It's starting to look a lot like Carter......and that's one comparison that the Dems won't like!

Check out our audio comments on the speech:




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