Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obesity in Mexico? Sra. Calderon should remind Mrs. BO no one is getting killed on the border because they are fat!

Yes, there is a nasty war going on south of the border! Have you seen our front pages lately?

Yes, much of the killing is directly related to cartels fighting other cartels for positioning and better routes.

And yes we are consuming the stuff that sends billions of dollars to Mexico!

So it's nice for Pres BO to send Sec Clinton for a few hours to Mexico.

It's nice for Mrs BO to take her "obesity tour" south of the border! (I'm OK with Mexican mothers telling their kids to play outside rather than eating snacks and watching TV)

It's nice for Pres BO to call Pres Calderon and express our support for the war against the cartels.

However, Pres BO is not in the game. He needs to get more serious about consumption up here.

To be fair, our consumption of illegal drugs did not start recently. It goes back a few decades. It is a tragic consequence of the crazy 60's!

Nevertheless, Pres BO should make it a top priority to tell our young people that illegal drugs are illegal for a reason.

And Pres BO should go after the Hollywood culture that promotes "irresponsible behavior without consequences" in movies and songs.

Of course, this is going to be hard for Pres BO because Hollywood was the biggest supporter of "hope and change".

According to news reports, support for "hope and change" was rather significant in Hollywood:

"An analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, based on fundraising data released May 21, found Obama had collected more than $4 million from movie, TV and music businesses during the campaign.

Clinton had received $3.4 million.

McCain's take: $636,000.

That's in keeping with prior years. In 2004, Democrats seeking federal offices banked about 70 percent of the donations from those industries."
(Huff Post)

In other words, they love BO in the land of "fairy tales" and "make believe"!

Unfortunately, Hollywood is also the land where filth is created and packaged to our young people.

And let's not forget all of those rappers who sing degrading lyrics about women.

I am not blaming Pres BO for Hollywood's filth.

At the same time, he did accept millions in contributions from these people!

My advice to Pres BO is this:

First, tell the "Hollywoodies" that they need to clean up their act.

Second, tell them that you won't accept their contributions unless they show a little more restraint and respect for their audiences.

It is OK for our First Ladies to discuss obesity. However, no one is getting killed on the border because they are fat!

So let's show the world that we have a president with a serious US-Mexico policy.

Let's show both sides that our US-Mexico policy is rooted on reality and not just pandering to the labor unions about Mexican trucks or meaningless "obesity tours"!




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