Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who is mad with BO?

Guess who is not happy with Pres BO?

Me? Yes but I don't vote in Dem primaries!

Who? How about liberals?

POLITICO has a post about liberal disappointment:

"The disillusion has produced a growing tide of organizing energy — and money — among liberals aimed at dragging the White House back to where many supporters believe Obama's heart really lies.

Union presidents have discarded their talking points and are openly sparring with the White House, while
gay rights activists threaten civil disobedience, the ACLU keeps litigating, and congressional Hispanic leaders work to force their issues into the debate.

But while those actions may actually create politically useful space to the president’s left, the other consequence of disillusion is what polls have found to be deepening apathy among Democratic voters."


Didn't we see that in New Jersey and Virginia a month ago?

We are seeing some of the anger over the health care bill, a proposal that many in the left say falls short of the public option.

Keep an eye on the Dem party's problems. They are huge and potentially very divisive.

Think I'm kidding? Read Left/Right Populist Rage Will Defeat Bill by Jane Hamsher.

Kidding? Read Mr. President, Where is the Passion? by Neal Gabler.


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