Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WAIT! Didn't they tell me that closing GITMO and a "softer approach" would appease these people?

We said it over and over that Pres Bush did an amazing job keeping this country safe after 9-11.

Why? Because the Bush-Cheney administration took terrorism very seriously.

They treated terrorism like a war rather than just a law enforcement matter.

Since Pres BO took office, we have:

a) apologized to the world for past US mistakes;

b) promised to close GITMO;

c) projected a softer approach toward Iran;

d) moved the KSM trial to NY City; and

e) changed our language, from the more direct "war on terror" to the more politically correct "global contingency operation".

Where are we?

Last week, before Detroit, we saw this:
Domestic Terror Incidents Hit a Peak in 2009

"You may not have noticed because most of the plots were foiled, but 2009 saw an unprecedented surge in terror "events" on U.S. soil." Let's read today's WSJ editorial: The Terror This Time

A U.S. government that has barred the phrase "war on terror" has nonetheless acknowledged that a failed Christmas day bomb attack on an airliner was a terrorist attempt.

Can we all now drop the pretense that we stopped fighting a war once Dick Cheney and George W. Bush left the White House?

The attempt by 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab follows the alleged murders in Ft. Hood, Texas by Islamist-inspired Major Nidal Hasan in November.

Brian Jenkins, who studies terrorism for the Rand Corporation, says there were more terror incidents (12), including thwarted plots, on U.S. soil in 2009 than in any year since 2001.

The jihadists don't seem to like Americans any better because we're closing down Guantanamo."

How is that "global contingency operation" going?

Unfortunately, not well!

Let's ask the passengers: Should we call it a "war on terror" or is "global contingency operation" a better description of what happened in that plane?



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