Sunday, December 06, 2009

Texas in the BCS title game? Yes but it was scary!

Tonight, the BCS computer will print the final standings!

And Texas should be #2 and playing #1 Alabama in the title game.

However, Alabama had a much easier conference title game: They beat Florida 33-12!

On the other hand, Texas was lucky to beat Nebraska: Lawrence's last-second field goal lifts Longhorns to Big 12 championship

Did the Longhorns have a bad night or did we underestimate Nebraska's defense? Maybe both!

Texas benefited from two big penalties in the last 2 minutes: an out-of-bounds kickoff and a penalty against Shipley!

Texas probably picked up 30 yds on those two mistakes!

What was McCoy thinking when he was driving the team down?

He was plain lucky that the pass went out with 1 second left!

It was very bad clock management in the final seconds.

After a replay review, the officials put one second back on the clock.

The replay showed that there was 1 second left but why did McCoy put the team in that situation?

Didn't McCoy have an idea of how little time he had? Why not throw the ball out and give your team a few seconds?

Overall, Texas' bad outing won't disqualify them because Florida had a worse day.

It will be Texas vs Alabama and Florida must be kicking themselves!

Who won? Give it to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who showed off his beautiful stadium again!



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