Monday, December 28, 2009

Romney in 2012!

It's still too early to make 2012 predictions. After all, so much can change!

Nevertheless, I agree with Romney Rises Again by Mark McKinnon:

"As we head into 2010, it seems increasingly likely that the 2012 presidential contest will at least be competitive.

President Obama’s favorable ratings are now consistently below 50 percent; no candidate has been elected president with a favorable of 47 percent or lower and the Rasmussen Poll this week has him at 44.

He has yet to pass any signature legislation on the big issues on which he campaigned, and he now has Afghanistan strapped to his back like a political refrigerator."

This is what Mark thinks of Romney:

"Republicans historically like an orderly process—handing the baton to the candidate who has patiently waited his or her turn in line.

That guy, this time around, is Romney.

He has been plodding and dutiful.

He is tanned.

He’s rested.

He’s rich.

And he appears ready for another round.

There’s a great deal to be said for having been through the gauntlet before.

He now has the experience and knowledge to navigate the treacherous and tricky waters of a Republican primary contest.

He knows economics, has built businesses and created jobs both in the private and public sector, and he established health care reform in Massachusetts.

And if he runs his race like he did the last month of the last campaign, true to who he really is, he should be the nominee."

Romney has a lot going for him. Romney's biggest advantage is that his competent demeanor will be quite a contrast to Pres BO's chaotic governing.

By the summer of 2011, the Dem party will be one gigantic circus with the left wing at war with the center......the party will be in disarray over Afghanistan.....and the Obama administration will look totally incapable of holding anything together.

In 2008, the country went for hope and change.

In 2012, the country will yearn for experience and competence.

Romney looks like our best option in 2012!




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