Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Profile terrorists NOT grandmothers!

Once again, we make life miserable for those of us who fly for business or leisure.

We are forcing innocent people to go thought long lines, and often very uncomfortable machines, because we don't want to face the truth.

Why should innocent people
remove their shoes?

or have us put lotions and toothpaste in clear bags?

or have no bathroom breaks?

no pillows? no blankets? no books?

Let me say it: Grandmothers don't blow up airplanes!

We know who blows up airplanes or buildings!

They are young men of a certain religion who hang around in places of faith that preach hatred against those who love freedom and Western culture!

We know who they are but our political correctness is making us vulnerable.

Let's profile terrorists and keep them off the planes!

What nobody in authority thinks us grown-up enough to be told is this:

We had better get used to being the civilians who are under a relentless and planned assault from the pledged supporters of a wicked theocratic ideology.

These people will kill themselves to attack hotels, weddings, buses, subways, cinemas, and trains.

They consider Jews, Christians, Hindus, women, homosexuals, and dissident Muslims (to give only the main instances) to be divinely mandated slaughter victims.

Our civil aviation is only the most psychologically frightening symbol of a plethora of potential targets.

The future murderers will generally not be from refugee camps or slums (though they are being indoctrinated every day in our prisons); they will frequently be from educated backgrounds, and they will often not be from overseas at all.

They are already in our suburbs and even in our military.

We can expect to take casualties.

The battle will go on for the rest of our lives.

Those who plan our destruction know what they want, and they are prepared to kill and die for it.

Those who don't get the point prefer to whine about "endless war," accidentally speaking the truth about something of which the attempted Christmas bombing over Michigan was only a foretaste.

While we fumble with bureaucracy and euphemism, they are flying high."

And we better start "profiling them" at the airport, and everywhere else!

Or, innocent people will be killed!




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