Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pres BO should read Prof Sowell on the flight to Copenhagen!!!!

Can't you feel it?

There is a little panic at Pres BO's White House! Most polls show Pres BO under 50%! (Obama's 47 Percent Approval Lowest of Any President at This Point) (Poll: 26% think Obama deserves Nobel)

George Will has a good article about the country's bewilderment with Pres BO's trip to Copenhagen: The Country is Uneasy

"This time in Copenhagen, at the 192-nation summit on climate change, he must explain an inconvenient fact:

Since he won the presidency promising to stop the rise of the oceans, there has been a substantial decline in American support for the global-warming catechism, which proclaims that warming is

(a) a big deal and

(b) substantially America's fault.

Americans have noticed that, judging by the words and deeds of the president and of the Congress his party controls, global warming is

(a) an imminent threat to the planet but

(b) not as urgent a concern as health-care reform."

In the meantime, there is 10% unemployment back home and several states, including California and Michigan, have rates much higher than that!

What happened to Pres BO's priorities?

Let's recommend a single article.

Let's recommend The Job-Creation Snow Job By Thomas Sowell:

"Let’s go back to square one.

What does it take to create a job?

It takes wealth to pay someone who is hired, not to mention additional wealth to buy the material that person will use."

Too simple? Yes because it is that simple!

How did Pres BO tackle he economy?

First, they wrote a stimulus bill that did not simulate anything except government.

Second, they are promising to dump huge burdens on employers, such as health care mandates and "cap and trade".

We assume that Pres BO is serious about job creation. Therefore, we hope that he reads Prof Sowell's article!

Perhaps, Pres BO will learn how free markets and how they create prosperity!



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