Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pres BO has made the "jobs" situation a lot worse!

Are you an employer? Do you know any employers?

Why aren't they hiring?

Because Pres BO has created a lot of uncertainty.

In other words, employers and business owners don't know what the landscape will look like in the near future.

Why hire? Why hire people if you don't know what BO-Care is going to cost? Or what taxes will go up because of "cap and trade"?

Uncertainty is what Pres BO has created.

"Obama can't be fairly blamed for most job losses, which stemmed from a crisis predating his election.

But he has made a bad situation somewhat worse.

His unwillingness to advance trade agreements (notably, with Colombia and South Korea) has hurt exports.

The hostility to oil and gas drilling penalizes one source of domestic investment spending.

More important, the decision to press controversial proposals (health care, climate change) was bound to increase uncertainty and undermine confidence. Some firms are postponing spending projects "until there is more clarity," Zandi notes.

Others are put off by anti-business rhetoric."

I'm glad that Pres BO is holding a "job summit" at the White House this week.

However, we would all be better off if Pres BO and the Dems would get out of the way! Let businessmen people run their businesses without so much government, or the threat of, so much government intervention!



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