Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pres BO and the timeline

Who is speaking for this White House again?

On one hand, Pres BO promised that troops would start leaving by July 2011.

On the other hand, Sec Gates is a bit more cautious!

Why two versions?

It looks like the administration is trying to send a message to our allies in the region that we are not going "to cut and run"!

At the same time, it is telling the anti-war Democrats that there is an exit strategy.

Presidents can't govern by trying to please everyone!

Pres BO is no exception.

Frankly, any mention of a timeline is insane.

I agree with MAX HASTINGS: Our Timeline, and the Taliban’s

We can't tie our soldier' hands with a timeline.

It will be a loser! It will make it impossible for our field commanders to make deals with local leaders!

Our guys will say: Align with us!

The local guys will respond: You are leaving and the bad guys are not!

So drop the timeline! Do what worked in Iraq where we were able to secure communities and earn the trust of the locals!

Tell the world that our guys will leave when the mission is completed not 6 months before the New Hampshire primary!


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