Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An off-season "wish list" for the Rangers!

This week, the Rangers will go to the annual GM meeting.

Frankly, the Rangers are in a good position because of a great farm system and patience in player development.

On the negative side, the ownership uncertainty could limit free agent signings!

My wish list is as follows:

1) Sign Marlon Byrd to a long term contract. He can be a starter or one of the best 4th outfielders in the game. Byrd is also a great clubhouse guy!

2) Sign Ivan Rodriguez to a 1 or 2 year contract. Let Ivan retire as a Ranger. Ivan sells tickets and can still play 40 games behind Saltalamachia or Teargarden.

Ivan can also DH or be a late game right handed pinch hitter.

Signing Ivan also allows you to move Teargarden for some veteran pitching!

3) Add a starter like Rich Harden. He should be available at a reasonable price and should help the young starers. And he is only 28 with lots of upside potential if he can get over some recent injuries!

Or look at Jason Marquis! He will be 32 next year and give you lots of innings!

4) Look for a right handed hitter who can play first or DH. My choice is Jermaine Dye, a 13-year veteran who'd fit beautifully between Hamilton and Davis!

Again, the Rangers have a lot of young talent and should be very competitive in the AL West.

At the same, adding some veterans could help the young guys who went through a pennant race for the first time in 2009!



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