Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is Pres BO afraid of saying something positive about Pres Bush?

Mona Charen has a good post about Pres BO: Does Obama Listen to Himself? An ungracious chief executive:

"A full 13 months after his election, in the course of justifying the deployment of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, President Obama could not spare a word of praise for George W. Bush — not even when recounting the nation’s “unified” response to 9/11.

To the contrary, throughout his pained recitation of the choices we face in Afghanistan, he adverted at least half a dozen times to the supposed blunders of his predecessor.

It’s beginning to sound whiny — and unpresidential."

At the very least, I have never seen anything like it.

I recall Pres Carter praising outgoing Pres Ford for "healing" the nation after Watergate.

Did you ever hear Pres Reagan whining about the 1982-83 recession?

What about Pres Clinton or Pres GW Bush? They didn't whine about their predecessors?

Why can't Pres BO say something nice about Pres GW Bush?

I think that it's evidence of Pres BO's growing problems with the anti-war left that got him nominated.

Pres BO is reversing little, if any, of Pres Bush's policies.

How does he make up for that? He won't praise Bush even when he is carrying out his predecessor's policies, i.e. Iraq!

Pres BO wants to unite the country but he continues to show a lack of class. He needs to get over the campaign!

P.S. Speaking of blaming your predecessor, Prof VD Hanson has a history lesson:

"Barack Obama, nearly a year into his term, is still talking about Bush culpability for everything from unemployment to Afghanistan.

At what year will it ever stop?

Bush inherited a nuclear Pakistan, a firewall between the CIA and FBI in matters of counter-terrorism, an appeased and ascendant Osama bin Laden, unsustainable no-fly zones over Iraq (the French had already bailed), al-Qaeda with a safe zone in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and an intifada-prone Mideast—in other words, no more than the regular stuff.

But I don’t remember Bush talking of the creepy Clinton pardons—Eric Holder being at their epicenter—after a year in office.

When Clinton arrived in January 1993, the Balkans were a mess, and no one knew what to do about Milosevic.

Eastern Europe and the former republics had been promised varying degrees of NATO membership.

And we were running staggering trade deficits, and in a recession.

But even Clinton got over blaming Bush soon enough.

Bush I had to deal with an invigorated Saddam Hussein, the Kuwait mess, a Noriega who was out of control, easing the Soviets out of eastern Europe, a divided Berlin reuniting—and, again, the usual stuff.

Reagan inherited a demoralized military, an insane regime in Khomeini’s Iran, a bellicose and appeased Soviet Union, and communist expansion in Central America.

In other words, nothing Obama has seen overseas is, by past standards, all that unusual.

Iraq was mostly quiet when he assumed office.

We had not been hit again since 9/11.

The Patriot Act and anti-terrorism protocols were in play and working.

The fact that he has not yet closed Guantanamo and kept Predators, tribunals, renditions, etc. apparently means he finds them useful—despite the reset rhetoric.

But what is different from past Presidents is the serial, incessant whine of “poor me”, “Bush did it”, “we have to hit the reset the button” with the Russians, the Arabs, the Iranians, the Europeans, etc.

I thought all this would have the usual shelf-life of 6 months.

But here it is nearly a year and we are getting more, not less of it.

We are back to the lamentations of Jimmy Carter, who, 30 years after his disastrous leadership in 1979-80 on the Iranian hostage crisis, is still talking about how others would have done worse, and how he had saved thousands of lives.

Suggestion: a 10-day-free-period in which no one in the Obama administration says “they did it” and “we had to reset…”




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