Friday, December 11, 2009

I like the Rangers' moves!

The Rangers made some decent moves at the winter meetings:

1) They sent Kevin Millwood to Baltimore for Chris Ray and a young pitcher.

Ray will step into the bullpen and give the starters a little help in the 7th inning.

This is also an economic move. You had to move Milwaood's salary in order to do move #2.

2) They signed Rich Harden, the young Canadian pitcher who was so effective with the A's a few years ago.

3) They are looking at Mike Lowell for the extra bat (he is a switchhitter) and for 3b or 1b help.

I like these moves.

Harden, Lowell and Ray add some veteran help to the very young Rangers.

Lowell, in particular, has played in two World Series and other post season teams. He is a great clubhouse guy who will have a good impact on the young guys.

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