Saturday, December 26, 2009

How is that "Global Contingency Operation" going?

We don't call it "the war on terror" anymore! It sounds too much like Bush-talk!

We call it "the global contingency operation" now.

How is it going?

Not well!

First, we have a domestic terrorist go crazy in Ft Hood and kill a dozen people. (Blame political correctness here!)

Second, we have this Detroit incident. (Thanks to the passengers for grabbing the terrorist).

Wonder how many of the Delta passengers agree with calling this a "global contingency operation" rather a war against terrorists?

Here is my question:

How did this guy bring this stuff in the aircraft? What kind of a security scanner doesn't pick it up?

According to this report, it went like this:

"During 19 hours of travel, aboard two flights across three continents, law enforcement officials said, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab bided his time.

Then, just as Northwest Flight 253 finally began its final approach to Detroit around noon on Friday, he tried to ignite the incendiary powder mixture he had taped to his leg, they said."

Again, how did he get through the scanner or security? We need new scanners and better security or some terrorist is going to bring down a plane.


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