Monday, December 07, 2009

How can a president fight a war like this?

Have we ever seen anything like this?

Pres Bush went to war with a bi-partisan vote. (Let's not forget that most Dems supported the Iraq war back in March 2003!)

Even Pres Bush's surge had Republican support, specially Sen McCain who fought off Dem efforts to cut the funding!

Again, how long can Pres BO fight a war that his party opposes?

David Broder has a note today about the special election to replace Sen Kennedy in Massachusetts:

"All four -- including the favorite in Tuesday's primary, state Attorney General Martha Coakley -- said they opposed the president's decision to escalate."

Mr. Broder goes on:

"The rejection of Obama's argument by the leading candidate in an overwhelmingly Democratic state shows how much the president has failed to convince his fellow partisans he is right about the biggest national security policy decision of his tenure.

It is symptomatic of a bigger problem; Coakley and her rivals are emblematic of widespread Democratic dissent on Afghanistan."

Can Pres BO fight such a controversial war with most Republicans and a few Dems?

Pres Clinton did it with NAFTA. He passed the agreement with Republicans and scattered Dems.

NAFTA was a free trade agreement. Afghanistan is a war, a life and death matter that will cost billions!

It's not surprising that we are now seeing these columns: Cloud of Confusion Hanging Over White House by Michael Goodwin!

This is indeed a confused White House sending out mixed messages on Pres BO's July 2011 statement:

Again, can a president commit to such a difficult war without his base?

I don't think so!

Also, can a president govern effectively when his two top national security voices are contradicting him on the AP and BBC? I don't think so!



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