Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Did the Dems get the memo about the deficit?

Do you get the feeling that the federal Dems are living in another universe?

"The public is aware of the situation and in poll after poll puts deficit reduction as its No. 1 priority.

So what will the greatest deliberative body in the world — as the U.S. Senate loves to call itself — spend the month of December deliberating about?

The greatest expansion of the federal government’s responsibilities since Lyndon Johnson left the White House 40 years ago.

The best argument against the health-care bill now before the Senate is, simply, that we can’t afford it.

The public increasingly knows that. Why doesn’t the Senate?"

The public gets it.....do the Dems get it? How many seats do they have to lose to get the message?

Here is a little history:

"The reasons given for this enormous deficit are the financial crisis and the recession it caused.

But the last year in which unemployment hit its current level of 10.2 percent, in 1982, the deficit was only 5.5 percent of GDP.

In 1933, when a financial crisis was so severe that the president closed the country’s banks and the stock exchange remained closed for 10 days, the deficit was 4.61 percent of GDP.

Only when the nation was fighting a great war has the deficit hit anything like its current level.

In 1942, the deficit was 11.6 percent of GDP and reached 27.5 percent in 1943.

Beginning in fiscal 1947, the first year of peace, the government began running surpluses (4.6 percent of GDP in 1948)."

Yes, the recession has caused some of the deficits.

However, Pres BO & Dems are also on a spending binge, such as the US$ 787 billion "stimulus"!

Stop spending or many Dems won't be returned in 2010!



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