Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Dems were all for closing GITMO until they won the election and had to govern in the real world!

Remember how the Dems were going to end the Iraq War? We are still there and Pres BO is implementing Pres Bush's plan.

Remember Kyoto? Pres Clinton couldn't get Dems to support the treaty.

Remember candidate BO's promise to televise the health care negotiations on CSPAN? The negotiations were held in private and corruption was the order of the day.

Let's add GITMO to the long list of campaign promises that will never happen.

The NY Times brings us back to reality:

"Rebuffed this month by skeptical lawmakers when it sought finances to buy a prison in rural Illinois, the Obama administration is struggling to come up with the money to replace the Guantánamo Bay prison.

As a result, officials now believe that they are unlikely to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and transfer its population of terrorism suspects until 2011 at the earliest — a far slower timeline for achieving one of President Obama’s signature national security policies than they had previously hinted." (from the Weekly Standard)

So what's next?

GITMO will stay open and will probably be open when Pres BO seeks reelection in 2012.

What happened? Nobody wants these guys in their neighborhood, specially now that Dems are responsible for keeping the country safe.

We have seen this movie before: the Dems make foolish campaign promises and then reality catches up with them!

It's good that GITMO will stay open and that terrorists will stay there.

How is this going to play in the left?

Read liberal blogs! They are furious with Pres BO over this, that and just about everything else!



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