Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Dems, insurance companies and lots of hypocrisy

By now, you've heard Dems bash insurance companies.

However, this new proposal that cleared the Senate is "Santa Claus" to the insurance industry.

Karl Rove has a good summary:

"Ben Nelson also won an exemption from the tax being levied on other Medigap insurance providers for Mutual of Omaha.

There's also the "Nebraska-Michigan Compromise" in which Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies in both states get a carve-out on the insurance tax while the rest of the country's Blues get socked with it.

How long that lasts may depend on how honest Democrats were in estimating costs.

The pricier their bill is, the more likely this deal is upended."

Here is the bad news: The US Senate passed this proposal loaded with something for everybody.

Here is the good news: It has to go to the House for reconciliation!

In other words, we are light years away from having this monstrosity turn into law.

What should we watch?

Keep an eye on the US public! Every poll confirms that the public is against this travesty. (Majority of Public Opposes Plan)


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