Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dems in disarray (a.k.a. Dems acting like Dems)

Remember the expression:

Be Careful What You Wish For--You May Get It"

Let's say it this way:

"Be careful about electing a Dem Congress.....you may get a Dem Congress that can't agree about anything!"

Today, Pres BO will sit down with 60 Dem Senators.....he is trying to persuade Dems to agree on health care, Copenhagen, Afghanistan, the deficit...!

Who would have believed that on election night? Remember that night in Chicago when silly people were crying about the arrival of the historic Messiah? And the end of "Bush & the evil Republicans"!

Check out some of the headlines:

Democrats Divided Over Health Care

Dems' Health Care Plan: Just Pass Anything?

That's right.....just pass anything because they can't agree on anything!

Unfortunately, passing anything won't include the public option or abortion or whatever else the party's left wing is pushing.

What's the point of having a Dem president and Congress if they are just going to pass anything?

Reid Throws in the Towel on Real Reform

Sen Reid has two problems: He can't get Dems to agree on anything. Also, he is trailing badly on reelection polls back in Nevada.

Wonder how much Reid would pay to be the Minority Leader again?

Of course, we are having a good time watching the 2009 version of an old movie.

We saw this movie in 1993-94 (Clinton vs a Dem Congress), 1977-78 (Carter vs a Dem Congress) and 1965-66 (LBJ vs a Dem Congress)

Bottom line: They can't govern!

They can blame Bush and Bush and Reagan and so on....but they can't sit down at the table and get anything done.

What happens next?

Watch that movie again.

The Republicans had huge electoral gains in 1966, 1978 and 1994 or the next election after the Dems won the presidency and Congress.

How do you elect Republicans?

You give the country a little taste of Dems in disarray or Dems acting like Dems!




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