Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear Pres BO: Stop threatening Iran and start acting against Iran!

What exactly is Iran supposed to do to demonstrate to the world that:

1) it does not respect Pres BO, i.e. they think that he is weak, very weak; and worse,

2) the thugs in Tehran have no interest in negotiating anything except for buying more time!

What does it take? What more are they supposed to do?

Today, the US said this:

"The United States and its allies are stepping up their rhetoric against Iran, warning that they will impose "significant" international sanctions, possibly in a matter of weeks, if the country continues with its nuclear program.

The warnings suggest a turning point in the global community's attitude toward Iran.

Western nations for months have made vague threats against the Islamic nation while working toward a compromise.

But with Iran persistently defying international pressure, the bluster could turn into penalties." (Fox) we are going to do tougher sanctions now?

As we have posted, Iran does not believe that Pres BO will pull the trigger.

Iran thinks that Pres BO won't act unilaterally, go around the UN or go in with a "coalition of the willing".

My fear is the same: Israel attacks and we get involved in a regional war that will wreck oil prices and expand into Syria.

Nobody is talking about Iran but the problem is still as hot as always!

And again the mullahs don't fear Pres BO!



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