Monday, December 07, 2009

Dear Pres BO: Cancel the trip or your polls will drop further!

The Copenhagen trip will be one gigantic PR failure back here, i.e. where the voters live!

Also, what about stories like these:

"Copenhagen is preparing for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough."

Besides all of the carbon dioxide, how is Pres BO going to look stnding next to a bunch of Euros who have no credibility over here?

On top of that, there is the story of the leaked e-mails!

And there is The Climate-Change Travesty by George Will.

Once again, the US won't do anything.

Like Pres Clinton, the world's "climate-tistas" will learn that Dems love to talk about climate change in the campaign......and then do nothing once they get elected.

Just ask Pres Clinton about the Kyoto was a great talking point until he had to make a decision about it.

After Copenhagen, Pres BO will travel to pickup the Nobel Peace Prize.

And The NY Times reports that he will be greeted by anti-war protests:

"It looks like President Obama is unlikely to get the Nobel Peace Prize without the occasion being marked by protests.

At least one antiwar group is already calling for a midday march to the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in New York’s Times Square to coincide with the award ceremony in Oslo City Hall on December 10, the date on which Alfred Nobel died."

Again, drop the trip and send VP Biden. Let him talk!

And tell the Norwegian judges to mail you the prize!

Nobody is impressed by Euro environmentalists or Norwegian judges!

Cancel the trip or you will see more polls drop!



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