Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Cowboys win the biggest December game in years!

(DeMarcus Ware had a great game)

How smart or just plain lucky am I?

I predicted a Cowboys' (21-17) win and they won: Dallas 24, NO 17

Just me.....just lucky!

Frankly, I just felt that NO was due for a's tough to go 14-0 in the has only happened a couple of times before!

Here is the bottom line: Dallas played the best game of the year and perhaps their best December game since the days of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin!

Romo was 22 for 34, 312 yds and one TD.....he almost threw one away but otherwise he was great!

Austin caught 7 and Witten 5! Unfortunately, Williams dropped another pass and that's getting hard to watch.

Barber rushed for 62 yds and 2 TDs. Jones rushed for 58 and he showed that great speed that got him drafted.

DeMarcus Ware (#94) was amazing. He caused a key fumble and had 2 sacks. His buddy Anthony Spencer (#93) had a great game too!

Overall, it was a great game to watch and the 9-5 Cowboys are now in a great position to clinch the NFC East.

On the negative side, Nick Folk missed another FG. How can the Cowboys go into the last 2 games with a kicker that keeps missing FGs?

Last, but not least, the fans are phoning the radio post game show and calling for Folk's head.

My question is this: Where are you going to find a kicker at this point of the NFL season?

Overall, it was a great game in December!



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