Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Copenhagen travesty: They cheered Chavez's anti-US speech AND then asked us for money!

Copenhagen is finally over and the headlines are dreadful for Pres BO and the "yes we can" camp.

All of this for a non-binding agreement?

The NY Post reports today that "...the agreement contains no specific commitments on carbon emissions, only pledges that "will not be legally binding."

The "we will be nice" agreement!

When will Pres BO learn that you don't put the presidency's prestige on the line unless there is something tangible?

Who will tell Pres BO that his "presence" is not enough anymore? He can't change things by just showing up!

First, the world is disappointed with Obama, specially now that Obama has to govern rather than just give speeches without consequences. He can no longer tell people here, there and everywhere what they want to hear. Also, he can't get Dems to walk the walk on climate change:

GUARDIAN: Obama speech fuels frustration; Lacklustre address fails to lift gloom...

Second, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Fidel Castro did not get the "hope and change" memo:

Third, we were told during the 2008 campaign that the world would rally around the US once Pres Bush was gone. Yet, Pres BO can't get troops for Afghanistan or support from China over emissions.

The world is still the world and China is still China. I agree with today's WSJ editorial:

"We can't wait to hear Mr. Obama tell Americans that he wants them to pay higher taxes so the U.S. can pay China to become more energy efficient and thus more economically competitive." (WSJ)

Fourth, the Obama administration foolishly committed money without consulting with Congress or public opinion:

"Most, however, oppose a widely floated proposal in which the United States and other industrialized countries would contribute $10 billion a year to help developing countries pay for reducing the amount of greenhouse gases they release.

Overall, 57 percent of those polled oppose this idea; 39 percent support it." (WP)

Fifth, Copenhagen fizzled and so did Pres BO's magic:

"Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance.

That matches the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this President." (RR)

Let's hope that Pres BO learned his lesson. There is nothing in Copenhagen except anti-Americanism, irrational environmentalism and lots of people who want US dollars.

Go to Nebraska instead! Why Nebraska rather than Copenhagen?

Why? Because Pres BO's domestic agenda is falling apart in all of those "small towns" between NY and LA.




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