Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can the Dems make it without Bush around to unite them?

Today's headlines tell the story:

Support for Health Overhaul Wanes

Pres BO does not have the votes despite a majority in Congress.

The rush to signing something has the left wing up in arms: Howard Dean: Kill the 'Terribly Disappointing' Health Care Bill

In other words, the Dems are great at talking about climate change and health care during the campaign.

However, they are not very good at actually doing something when they are in power.

Again, can you say Bill Clinton and Kyoto? or Bill Clinton and health care?

So how do you save the Dems from themselves? How can you get this party to agree on anything?

Liberal E J Dionne has an idea: The Democrats' Bush Nostalgia

"Here's what Democrats need to ponder: Can they prosper in the absence of George W. Bush?"

It gets better:

"But politically, the Democrats are in trouble.

They are at each other's throats over health care legislation that should be seen as one of the party's greatest triumphs.

They are being held hostage by political narcissists and narrow slivers of their coalition."

Can the Dems make it without Bush? I don't think so!

How can you make the Dems happy and united? Bring back Bush!

Yes, blaming everything on Bush (and Reagan before) is the only thing that unites the Dem party.



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