Sunday, December 27, 2009

BO's voters have had a rather confusing year!

Have you spoken with a "yes we can screamer" lately?

Better question: Is anybody admitting these days that they used to be a "yes we can" screamer?

Let's check out some articles on the front pages:

Saying No to Obama---The U.S. president is popular, but world leaders are finding it easy to defy his wishes By Shmuel Rosner:

"Obama can write—and he can speak—but if he can't fight, he'll find it hard to achieve his goals.

If he can't fight, he isn't scary."

What's the point of being popular for the sake of being popular?

Secondly, The Obama Way By ROSS DOUTHAT:

"If Obama’s presidency succeeds, it will be a testament to what ideology tempered by institutionalism can accomplish.

But his political approach leaves him in constant danger of losing center and left alike — of being dismissed by independents as another tax-and-spender, and disdained by liberals as a sellout."

So here we are!

A year after people cried in Chicago on election night, there is great disappointment and confusion over BO.

I ask again: Where is that "yes we can screamer" who devoted his life to the cause of Obama-mania?

It looks like he is now making TV ads against the man he once worshipped.

They call it

"The petition has been signed by over 600 Obama campaign staffers, 40,000 Obama volunteers, and 60,000 Obama donors"

Here is the video that they are running around the country:

My guess is that the feud between "the yes we can screamers" and BO will get worse.

It will get really bad, specially when Pres BO has to break his promise of starting to bring the troops home from Afghanistan in 2011!



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