Thursday, December 03, 2009

And now the Dems turn on Pres BO!

Who would have believed this a year ago?

Today, Pres BO is at war with the same left that got him nominated over Sen. Clinton!

Bill Katz alerted us to the House Dems:

"The House has an Out-of-Iraq Caucus. That has now morphed into an Out-of-Afghanistan caucus."

Bill also reminded us that most of the House liberals represent safe seats. However, it is the Dem moderates who will be vulnerable in 2010!

Dick Morris goes further: The Left Turns Off Obama

"While the smoke rises from the Capitol building where the health care debate proceeds, Obama is losing his political base on the left."

Yes, the left is now angry with Pres BO!

How far will the left go to make life miserable for Pres BO?

In the short run, i.e. the next 6-12 months, they won't do anything tangible.

They will talk a lot and threaten to cut the funding but they won't!

In the long run, i.e. the spring of 2011, we may see a different outcome.

My guess is that Pres BO will have to break the promise to start withdrawing by July 2011.

It's too optimistic!

If Pres BO breaks this promise then all bets are off.

You will see a challenge from the left. It could be funded by and other angry left wing bloggers.

We will watch this feud because it could get very ugly in 2011!



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