Monday, August 31, 2009

My Mexico article was published in Mexico!

Barnard Thompson, Editor, started years ago.

We check the website often and have invited Mr. Thompson, Mr. Wall and Mr. Corcoran to our radio show.

We believe that Mr. Thompson's website is one of the finest places to learn about Mexico and US-Mex relations.

This week, Mr. Thompson added my article to the website: Why are we doing this to President Calderon and Mexico?

We are happy for two reasons:

We like exposure and new readers.....who does not?

More seriously, we are appalled at the Obama Administration's treatment of Mexico.

My article was written from a US national security standpoint.

All of us understand the national security implications of more problems in Mexico.

Unfortunately for our Mexican friends, and specially the ones who got hallucinated with chants of "si se puede", it was McCain, not BO, who spoke often about the importance of trade and stability in Mexico!

McCain was talking about Mexico. BO was doing "hope and change"!

BO was also telling union workers a bunch of lies about NAFTA.

We wrote a lot about this during the campaign!

NAFTA did not hurt Ohio. It was high taxes and unreasonable labor unions who think that businesses can just go on raising wages forever.

Let me say it again.

It would be a disaster to have more violence and chaos in Mexico, a country of 100 million people and commercial partner.

Mexico is also suffering the consequences of the US recession.

And tourism was impacted by the flu scare of a few months ago!

I ask again: Why are we making life more difficult for Mexico?

So we hope that someone at The White House rethinks the Mexico policy, from Mexican trucks to mindless human rights accusations.

Again, thank you Mr. Thompson!

P.S. Let's watch that video again about BO and NAFTA. It was one of the most irresponsible performances in presidential campaign history:

And now for that tax increase in the middle class!

Pres BO will try and try to blame this one on Pres. Bush.

To be honest, some of his devout followers will buy into the Bush-bashing.

What else are they going to do?

Are they going to admit that they were hallucinated with meaningless hope and change during the campaign?

Most Americans will blame Pres. Obama. Check the drop in the all of the polls!

Why not? It was Pres BO who signed a US$ 787 billion "recovery" plan.

It was Pres BO who rushed "the cap and trade" bill, another huge tax increase for the middle class!

And it's Pres BO who is now proposing "the mother of all entitlements", the state-take over of medical care in the US.

In today's Wash Post, we see this:

"The result: deficits of well over $1 trillion through 2011, which will push the debt to 71 percent of the economy by the end of Obama's first term -- the highest since 1954 -- and cause the debt to keep rising in the years beyond." (WashPost)

P.S. Here is the video that candidate BO will regret deeply over the next 12 months. I guess that those were the days when candidate BO was just telling a lot of people what they wanted to hear:

Gingrich is right about AG Holder!

We have an unusual situation in Washington between AG Holder and Pres BO.

On one hand, Pres BO said "no" to any investigations. On the other hand, AG Holder has started one.

Who is running our government?

Pres BO needs to come clean and support AG Holder's investigation.

Or, he should call on AG Holder to stop it immediately for national security reasons.

Newt Gingrich is calling on Pres BO to step up to the plate and act like an executive:

"If Obama won't uphold his fundamental duty as Commander-in-Chief to defend those who have been defending America, the least he can do is insist that his Attorney General uphold his fundamental duty to defend the rule of law.

If Holder and his senior team won't do the right thing and resign their positions, Obama should do the right thing and fire them."

O'Reilly has a good point!

Save Bill O'Reilly's column and re-read it in 2011.

Remember these words:

"It is too early to tell whether Barack Obama is in over his head as the world's most powerful man.

But his leadership profile is beginning to sag.

We are living in complicated, perilous times and Americans know it.

They want decisive, clear direction from their President.

Right now, it's not there."

It is not there and O'Reilly is right!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

BO's choice: Do I keep the left happy or do I worry about low morale at the CIA?

Today, The Washington Post has a story that goes like this:

"Morale has sagged at the CIA following the release of additional portions of an inspector general's review of the agency's interrogation program and the announcement that the Justice Department would investigate possible abuses by interrogators, according to former intelligence officials, especially those associated with the program." (WP)

Question: Do we want low morale at the CIA?

I don't think so!

It's time for Dir Panetta to resign or to persuade Pres BO that the presidential campaign is over.

For two years, candidate BO bashed the CIA and got loud responses from the "yes we can" screamers.

Today, BO is the commander in chief and he has to protect the US from terrorist attacks.

Guess what? He can't protect the country with low morale at the CIA!

BO at 47% (a.k.a. Cheney is not the only with doubts about Pres Obama!)

Today, we wake up to a few bits and pieces from the political world:

Take your pick. I don't know which one is right. However, I do know that the trend is downward.

2) POLITICO has a story about the interrogation techniques. According to Ben Smith, hardly a member of the right wing conspiracy, the techniques got some results: Post story bolsters Cheney!

Of course, we will never know for sure whether Technique A would have worked better than Technique B.

We do know that the country was not attacked again.

In the real world, results are more impressive than "hope and change" generalities.

By the way, Stephen Hayes hit a grand slam this morning: Acknowledging the Obvious

What is obvious? Khalid Sheikh Mohammad started singing after we water boarded him!

What does that mean? Innocent people were not blown up in commercial aircrafts or on The Brooklyn Bridge! (He gave us info about both threats and we acted immediately)

Hooray for weatherboarding! It may have saved my life or yours!

3) VP Cheney was back with another great interview. (Cheney Slams Obama's 'Politicized' Probe of CIA Interrogations)

Overall, it was a good morning, specially for those who believe that the world is very dangerous!

Is Charlie Rangel the latest Dem with a tax problem?

The Dems have another tax problem.

This is from The NY Post:

"Rep. Charles Rangel failed to report as much as $1.3 million in outside income -- including up to $1 million for a Harlem building sale -- on financial-disclosure forms he filed between 2002 and 2006, according to newly amended records.

The documents also show the embattled chairman of the Ways and Means Committee -- who is being probed by the House Ethics Committee -- failed to reveal a staggering $3 million in various business transactions over the same period."

OK. So Rep Rangel forgot to report a $ 1 million?

Let's be nice to Charlie!

He was probably busy helping all of the little people of New York! He was busy protecting the little people from all of those rich fat cats who don't report their income!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A very beautiful Miss Universe from the land of the Very Ugly Mr. Venezuela

We congratulate Stefania Fernandez and Venezuela for back to back Miss Universe titles.

She is 19, very pretty and will represent her country well. I just saw a TV interview and she has a bright future.

We don't usually follow the Miss Universe pageant. However, Venezuelans need something to laugh and feel good about these days.

Venezuela under Chavez is a daily horror. Check out Daniel's blog!

Our Venezuelan friends deserve something better than the daily grind of living in "Chavez-landia".

P.S. Of course, the very pretty Stefania is a pleasant contrast to the very ugly Chavez!

Israel is not crazy about "hope and change".....wonder why?

Since Pres Truman recognized Israel in 1948, every US president has been a strong supporter of that nation.

Pres BO is having some "approval problems" in Israel:

"The number of Israelis who see US President Barack Obama's policies as pro-Israel has fallen to four percent, according to a Smith Research poll taken this week on behalf of The Jerusalem Post." (JPost)

Here is the problem.

Most Dems, particularly large city Dems, are very pro-Israel.

They represent districts with large Jewish populations, such as NY City or South Florida.

Beyond US politics, Israel is our strongest ally in the region and a democracy surrounded by hostile states.

Why is Israel concerned and worried about "hope and change"?

The answer is IRAN.

Rep Diane Watson needs to chat with Dr. Biscet about Cuba!

Rep. Diane Watson of LA just said this:

"And you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that, and then, after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found…well, just leave it attorney by the name of Fidel Castro…" (MM)

What a piece of crap!

And this lady is a congresswoman from LA?

Rep Watson has insulted the thousands of Cubans tortured and murdered by the Castro regime.

She insulted my parents and all of the Cubans who stood up to Castro.

She insulted Dr. Ignacio Segurola, my dad's cousin, who spent 14 years in a Cuban political prison.

Again, Cong Watson is full of crap.

This is what Castro's Cuba is up to these days:

Castro's Cuba is putting young people in jail for walking around with "cambio" bracelets!

It's a shame that Rep Watson has never met Dr. Biscet, a black Cuban who is one of the world's most celebrated political prisoners:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pres BO needs to break with the left or he will have huge CIA problems!

Mark Davis is a local radio host and columnist in Dallas. You can hear Mark on WBAP. He also sits in for Rush Limbaugh once in a while.

Yesterday, Mark blasted Pres BO and AG Holder in Obama Proving Incapable of Terror Fight:

"I can only imagine Attorney General Eric Holder choking back gasps as he heard of some detainees threatened with guns and power drills and others threatened with harm to family members.

Pardon my misdirected vexation.

I'm still pretty worked up about my countrymen dying in various ways at the hands of the 9/11 hijackers.

If, after careful evaluation of a suspect's value and demeanor, questioners thought a particularly intense method of interrogation would yield information that could save American lives, it is the height of moral idiocy to tell them not to do it.

The only thing more despicable is to prosecute them for it."

That's right!

Remember my post with the picture of that man jumping to his death back on 9-11?

This whole thing is insane. It shows how much Pres BO has to placate the left that got him nominated over Hillary Clinton.

Dick Morris has a good one about BO and the left:

"After refusing to pull out of Iraq and deciding to follow the Bush timetable for withdrawing and staying in Afghanistan and likely having to beef up our presence there, liberals might be wondering why they elected Obama.

After all, his opposition to the war in Iraq and his criticism of the Bush anti-terror policies were the hallmarks of his campaign in 2008.

And, on the domestic front, Obama likely realizes that he may have to pull in his horns on health care and accept some sort of compromise which may not endear him to his constituency.

So he has decided to throw a few CIA interrogators to the wolves." (OBAMA GOES AFTER CIA TO GAIN COVER ON THE LEFT!)

We understand politcs. We do not understand "politics" that puts all of us at risk!

P.S. The public is not buying the CIA investigation:

"Fifty-four percent (54%) of all voters, however, believe the investigation of past CIA interrogation practices endangers the national security of the United States.

Only 29% say it helps the image of America abroad, and 18% are not sure." (RR)

BO's latest Twilight Zone episode: "Cash for clunkers" was great for Japanese cars!

We must be watching another Twilight Zone episode.

According to Dick Morris, this is a list of the new cars sold under "The Cash for Clunkers" program:

"Top Ten New Car Purchases: Cash for Clunkers

1. Toyota Corolla

2. Ford Focus FWD

3. Honda Civic

4. Toyota Prius

5. Toyota Camry

6. Ford Escape FWD

7. Hyndai Elantra

8. Dodge Caliber

9. Honda Fit

10. Chevrolet Cobalt"

Don't get me wrong.

I believe that American consumers should buy whatever they want.

I believe in free markets.

Our family drives two Fords (Focus)....great cars......well made and I'm proud of the fact that it is made in the USA, although it was probably assembled in Mexico.

Again, I'm OK with that.

At the same time, I think that it's stupid to give people cash that end up supporting foreign manufacturers.

What genius at The White House came up with this one?

It must be the same one who created the special e-mail address to snitch on your friends who don't support BO-Care.

Morris also writes this:

"So Obama can boast of a great success in taking American cars off the road and replacing them with foreign cars.

Great going!"

Wonder what all of those labor union workers, who voted for BO to renegotiate NAFTA and end the outsourcing of US jobs, feel about "hope and change" now?

They probably agree with me!

This is "The Twilight Zone" with BO as the moderator!

Why are we doing this to Pres Calderon and Mexico?

The NY Times is running this article: Mexico Drug Fight Fuels Complaints

Sadly, the article reminds us that The Merida Plan money will be withheld for now:

"..... until the State Department verifies that the government is meeting four human rights requirements, including the prosecution of police officers and soldiers responsible for abuses."

We say it again:

Why is Senator Leahy running our Mexico policy?

Where is our Sec of State Clinton? Can someone "google" Hillary and find out where she is? How in the world can our Sec of State be so quiet about a liberal senator from Vermont hijacking our foreign policy with a neighbor and key trading partner?

To be sure, Mexico's military is now performing police functions in Mexican cities. It happened because Mexico's police is too vulnerable to corruption. It also reflects the reality that Mexico's military is well regarded by most Mexicans.

It is probably true that some excesses and human rights violations have taken place. (How can you unleash 30,000 soldiers without some problems?)

Here is the larger question:

Why is the Obama administration going public with these accusations?

Can't we bring these complaints to Pres Calderon confidentially?

Here is another question:

How are these public accusations helping Mexico?

They are not!

Who benefits from these public accusations?

The cartels do.

Here is another question:

Does the BO administration want Mexico to win?

I am not sure because BO's public embrace does not match what his State Dept is doing!

Mexico is in the middle of a brutal war against a well-financed ruthless enemy that doesn't respect any human rights.

Shouldn't we take Mexico's side, support its military efforts, and applaud the heroic work of its soldiers? Shouldn't we celebrate the good work of many rather than focus so much on the mistakes of a few?

As we posted before, BO's world is hard to understand.

BO is silent about young people killed in Iran but tolerant of his State Dept running stories about human rights violations in Mexico.

I don't get it! Of course, I didn't vote for "hope and change"!

Nancy Pelosi, a woman that Pres BO needs to stay away from!

As we navigate in "the reality stage" of Pres BO's presidency, we can detect two trends:

1) BO is dropping in the polls. He is now dropping at historic levels. The honeymoon is over and it divorce papers may follow soon.

According to Gallup:

"Barack Obama's latest job approval rating is 51%, according to Aug. 23-25 Gallup Daily tracking.......

If his rating falls below 50% before November, it would represent the third-fastest drop to below majority approval since World War II, behind the declines for Gerald Ford (in his third month as president) and Bill Clinton (in his fourth month)."

Let me add this historical note: Pres Ford pardoned Pres Nixon and that killed him politically. Historians now agree that it was the right thing to do to put Watergate behind us.

2) Nancy Pelosi is dragging down Democrats! (Republicans Maintain Steady Lead on Generic Ballot)

This is a video regarding Pelosi & the Dem Congress:

Hoven is right! "Size is everything" when it comes to deficits!

We've had Randall Hoven on our radio show before.

We've enjoyed his articles in The American Thinker. Check out his archive!

Today, Hoven has another good one: Worse and Worser

"In Reagan's eight years, 1981-88, the deficit averaged 2.4% of GDP, with the worst year being 6.0%.

Under George W. Bush, 2001-2008, the deficit averaged 2.0% of GDP, with the worst year being 3.6%.

Now let's look at CBO's forecast of Obama's deficits for 2009-2016.

The average deficit will be 6.3% of GDP, with a worst case of 13% and a best case of 3.9%.

And these are the rosy predictions, the June predictions -- before being updated in August as the baseline scenario was.

Do you get the size and endurance differences?

Obama's average will be worse than Reagan's worst single year.

Obama's best will be worse than Bush's worst single year.

Obama's average will, in fact, be worse than any year since 1930 except for World War II.

That means unprecedented in peacetime."

Well, I hope that you forward this one to all of those who used to complain about Bush's deficits!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pres BO can not be on both sides of the CIA investigation!

VP Cheney came out swinging yesterday. Good for him!

Pres BO responded but kept a little distance between AG Holder and himself.

Sorry. It does not work that way when you are the president.

The AG is appointed by the president. He can be fired by the president!

AG's do not investigate the CIA on their own.

Pres BO either said "yes" or he has lost control of this government.

I agree with Power Line:

"So, if the president thinks Holder made a good decision, he should stand behind it.

If he thinks Holder erred on a matter this important, he should reverse that decision."

Make a decision Mr President.....publicly support the AG or stop him.....that's what executives do!

Pres BO owns the next attack!

We are still hearing reports that CIA Chief Panetta threatened to quit over the latest CIA investigation.

Did her or didn't he?

Frankly, I can't prove it but something did happen when Panetta went over to the White House. (Obama White House v. CIA; Panetta Threatened to Quit)

Panetta is not happy.

Panetta is the man running the CIA.

Panetta also understands that the war on terror is not over.

In other words, our enemies did not go back to coaching "little league soccer" because "hope and change" won the election.

Michael Goodwin is concerned, too:

"Pull together the loose threads of recent events and President Obama's vision for fighting the war on terror becomes one very scary picture.

Scary, that is, for innocent Americans."

Scary indeed!

AG Holder is wrong twice:

1) This is bad for national security. Just ask Panetta! He is still screaming!

2) This is bad politics. The White House owns the next attack. They will be blamed for lowering our guard.

What is this all about?

The WSJ got it right this morning:

"The outrage here isn't that government officials used sometimes rough interrogation methods to break our enemies.

The outrage is that, years later, when the political winds have shifted and there hasn't been another attack, our politicians would punish the men and women who did their best to protect Americans in a time of peril."

Again, Pres BO will regret AG Holder's actions.

Pres BO owns the next attack and that's political suicide!

The liberal Wash Post has another message for Pres BO: Stop blaming Bush!

In a previous post, we made reference to the "serious liberal" Washington Post in sharp contrast to the "in the tank for BO liberal" New York Times.

I enjoy reading Wash Post editorials because they are written by serious liberals.

This is what the serious Washington Post tells Pres BO:

" is time to stop crying "we inherited it."

The Obama administration needs its own clear, credible plan for restoring fiscal sustainability once the worst of the recession has run its course.

Unless it can at least limit the growth in debt to the growth of the economy, investors will gradually lose faith in Treasury obligations, increasing the government's borrowing costs -- and turning a deficit crunch into a deficit spiral.

In the worst case, unchecked debt could trigger a return to the double-digit inflation and interest rates of the late 1970s, only this time with massive U.S. obligations to foreign lenders such as China and Japan." (WP)

Isn't that nice to hear?

Stop blamng Bush and start governing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are these the people who ran against Bush's deficits?

Like many of you, I thought that Pres Bush got a bum rap on federal deficits.

As you can see from the chart above, federal debt as a percentage of GDP held steady under Pres. Bush! (It did increase in 2008 because of TARP but Sen Obama voted for that too! You can't claim that you inherited what you voted for!

Yes, we had budget deficits under Pres Bush.

However, they never exceeded 4% of GDP. In fact, some years they were between 1 and 3%. Add to this the shock of 9-11 and things don't look that bad!

In the world of deficits, size matters a lot!

This week, Pres BO warned us that the deficits will be big and around for a long time. (He meant deficits as high as 10% of GDP, or 4 times bigger than the ones they used to criticize from Pres Bush)

We also learned today that the recovery will be slower than anticipated.

In fact, some economists are now making the point that the recovery won't be much of one.

Check out A 'Jobless' And 'Wageless' Recovery? by Nouriel Roubini, a professor at the Stern Business School at New York University. He is also the chairman of Roubini Global Economics and writes for Forbes.

His column is long and full of the "economics jargon" from a college class. However, the conclusion won't make the "yes we can" screamers very happy or those who invested their hopes and dreams in that thing we called "the stimulus" earlier this year:

"These factors suggest a sluggish economic recovery for the U.S. in the coming years until new sources of growth emerge (such as exports to emerging markets, investment, new energy and technology).

Factors such as unsustainable public debt, higher structural unemployment, lower credit growth and higher taxes in the future will also constrain growth."

And Pres BO still wants to spend a trillion "nationalizing" our health care system?

Read this:

"Earlier this year when President Obama was selling his first budget blueprint, he promised to end years of "borrow and spend" budgeting.

Yesterday, reality struck."

Be careful about bashing your predecessor's may end up with bigger ones!

Where are we now?

Pres BO is now headed for the worst of all possible political situations:

1) raise taxes across the board; or,

2) cut spending and eliminate entire federal programs.

Option 1 means that he will drop to 25% approval and set the Dems for a huge defeat in 2010.

Option 2 means that he loses the liberal wing that supports all of these programs. (Remember how 4 million liberals walked out on Gore in 2000 because Clinton supported NAFTA and signed Republican bills!)

I hope that Pres BO is tough enough to handle what lies ahead.

Is he tough enough? Time will tell.

However, I have not seen anything yet that BO will stand up to anybody!

We join the growing list of liberals who are wondering about Pres BO:

The President Seems Lost - Richard Cohen, Washington Post

We agree with the liberal, but serious, Washington Post: Wanted: An Obama Plan for Fiscal Sustainability

Again, Pres BO's presidency wasn't supposed to be this way, specially for all of those who got caught up in the personality cult.

However, it is this way!

During the election, and primaries, we heard many people say that candidate BO did not have executive experience.

We also heard, from the Clintons and Joe Biden, that he wasn't ready for the job.

From George Washington to George Bush, every president had some managerial or executive experience.

Most were governors, like Reagan or Carter or Clinton or Bush.

Some had served as VP, like Nixon or the first Bush.

Some were military generals, such as Eisenhower.

We have never elected a man with a resume of speeches and a bag of feel good generalities called "hope & change".

Now, the moment of truth is here and Pres BO looks like a man who has never run anything.

P.S. We agree with Bill O'Reilly. Some "Obama-tistas" will discount Mr. O'Reilly's analysis as just pure right wing stuff. However, O'Reilly is not the only one. In fact, there is a growing sense, among liberals too, that BO is drowning and not ready for the most difficult job on earth:

BO and Holder will wreck the CIA!

Rich Lowry has a good question:

"The next time CIA officers are told that they have to be more aggressive in protecting their country, they could be forgiven for saying, “No thanks.”" (NR)

That's right!

What is the signal sent to CIA personnel?

Don't take a chance.......ask little and don't go out of your way to get any information.

Yes, VP Cheney is right:

""The activities of the CIA in carrying out the policies of the Bush Administration were directly responsible for defeating all efforts by Al Qaeda to launch further mass casualty attacks against the United States.

The people involved deserve our gratitude.

They do not deserve to be the targets of political investigations or prosecutions." (FOX)

Shame on AG Holder and Pres BO.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad polls...higher deficit....very angry it must be a good time for another investigation of Bush!

(This is the picture of the man jumping off the WTC on 9-11. Keep this man's family in mind whenever you hear about any investigation of the courageous CIA operatives who kept this country safe!)

The polling data is awful, specially among the independents who decide presidential elections. The independents are not buying BO-Care or the massive expansion of government!

Take your pick: From Zogby at 45%, Rasmussen at 48% and Gallup at 51%!

The BO administration missed the deficit information by $ 2 trillion, from $7 to $9 trillion: Surging deficit under scrutiny...

More and more, we see stories like this one: The Thrill is Gone For Obama & the Media - Chris Stirewalt

The Dems can't come together and support the House health care plan.

Once again, for the 3rd time in 35 years, we see a Dem president and Dem Congress who can't get their act together: Carter 1977, Clinton 1993 and let's add Obama 2009!

So what do you do when the polls are down and the Obama administration is in disarray?

What does this administration do whenever it runs into a wall of reality?

Blame Bush.......and Cheney too!

Lets' look at BO's scary landscape.

How crazy are things over at BO's White House? They have not put a team together yet....despite having a Dem Senate happy to approve their appointments! Is this crazy or what?

Check this one today:

"As President Obama tries to turn around a summer of setbacks, he finds himself still without most of his own team.

Seven months into his presidency, fewer than half of his top appointees are in place advancing his agenda." (NYT)

How angry is the left with BO's White House?

Can you say furious? The left is angry because BO can't close GITMO. He has not changed anything in Iraq. And now he is about ready to send more troops to Afghanistan.

The left won't be happy to read that Pres BO has not changed another of Bush's anti-terror-policies:

"The Obama administration will continue the Bush administration’s practice of sending terror suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation, but will monitor their treatment to ensure they are not tortured, administration officials said on Monday." (NYT)

So what do you do when your polls are dropping and the left is up in arms over broken campaign promises?

What do you do when ABC reports that CIA Chairman Panetta threatened to quit over all of these crazy investigations? (Obama White House v. CIA; Panetta Threatened to Quit)

You start another investigation of Bush! throw the base another bone about investigating Bush!

What's wrong with this latest investigation of Bush?

First, there is nothing new.

What happened after 9-11, or the day that 3,000 Americans were killed in the nation's worst terrorist attack? (Again look at the picture above!)

Pres Bush reacted seriously and took strong action.

What was the result of Pres Bush's actions?

We were not attacked again.

Let's hope that we can say the same thing after Pres BO's tenure!

Second, the public does not want any more of these investigations: 58% Oppose Further Investigation of U.S. Torture Allegations!

Poll after poll confirm that Americans do not want a "witch hunt" of dedicated CIA employees who did their best in the post 9-11 atmosphere.

AG Holder is not acting in our national security interest. He is simply throwing a bone to the angry left very angry with Pres BO.

We agree with Sen Liebermann:

"“I respectfully regret this decision by Attorney General Holder and fear our country will come to regret it too because an open ended criminal investigation of past CIA activity, which has already been condemned and prohibited, will have a chilling effect on the men and women agents of our intelligence community whose uninhibited bravery and skill we depend on every day to protect our homeland from the next terrorist attack."

We agree with The WSJ:

"By threatening to prosecute CIA officials, the Obama Administration is taking ownership of future troubles in a way that will only do itself harm.

Like the Church and Pike probes of the 1970s, Americans will once again see that the Democratic Party cares as much or more about settling scores against fellow Americans as it does about fighting the war on terror.

Mr. Holder yesterday acknowledged that his decision to reopen the old CIA wounds would be "controversial."

He will soon learn how much."

P.S. Beyond politics, I agree with Paul Mirengoff:

"Obama has already gone a long way towards ensuring that interrogators cannot use any technique that might reasonably be expected to extract information from hardened terrorists.

Thus, it's a good thing his team will be "elite."

I fear, however, that in this context, "elite" means "enlightened," i.e. liberal and compassionate.

Like the Scots who released Megrahi.

It looks more and more like the West is no longer serious about defending itself from terrorists.

So we're left to hope that terrorists are no longer serious about inflicting terror on the West."

The Obama administration is apparently looking for a break from the war on terror......let's hope that our enemies take one too!

Michael Young for AL MVP

The Rangers won a big one on Sunday. They picked up a game against LAA in the AL West and Boston in the Wild Card.

Where would the Rangers be without Michael Young?

They wouldn't be fighting for a post season spot!

Isn't that the definition of an MVP?

Young is hitting .329 with 21 Hrs and 61 RBIs. His work at 3b has been flawless, even though he is new to the position.

Off the field, Young is the veteran team leader in a team that includes a 20-year old short stop and two 22-year old starters.

In every way, Michael Young has been indispensable to the Rangers!

Michael Young for AL MVP!

P.S. Did I tell you that Young is a .303 lifetime hitter and on his way to a 6th 200-hit season!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A lot of flying "cuchillos" in Sec Espinosa's department!

As a non-Mexican and US citizen living in Dallas, let me add these thoughts regarding the "Hubbard Affair" and the consulate story.

First, I see a lot of knives flying! (Oops....there goes another one!)

Second, all of this "back-stabbing and knife-throwing" is not helping Mexico's image.

It does not help Mexico to have one of its able diplomats grilled in the Dallas press over anonymous sources and incomplete information.

It does not help Mexico when public officials "leak" information to US newspapers for nefarious reasons. Shouldn't Sec Espinosa publicly condemn these "leaks" of internal reports or investigations?

It appears to many of us (i.e. "non-Mexicans and curious gringos" in Dallas) that some employees in Sec Espinosa's department are "settling scores" at Mr. Hubbard's expense.

In other words, many of us think that this episode has gone beyond the passport controversy!

It also appears to me that some people in Sec Espinosa's department are doing a little "C.Y.A." at Mr. Hubbard's expense.

In Texas, we translate "C.Y.A." this way: "Cover your.....behind"!

What about the larger issue that no one is talking about? Why aren't we talking about the lack of human resources at Mexican consulates in the US?

In Dallas, the consulate is serving a community of 1 million Mexicans, legal and illegal, as well as the rest of us who do business with Mexico.

How can a consulate office with such a small staff handle that much document or people traffic?

Let me close by saying this: Sec Espinosa's department has a lot of problems and Mr. Hubbard is not one of them!




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