Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mahmoud wins: When will Pres BO recognize him?

Just in case you didn't know: Mahmoud won!

The Iranian "whatever they call their electoral commission" has declared that Mahmoud won and it's time to move on!

Now for the fun part: Will Pres BO recognize Mahmoud or will he declare that he is illegitimate? Will he crack again?

BRET STEPHENS has a good post entitled Obama's Obsolete Iran Policy:

"What they need is Mr. Obama's spine.

If that means "democracy promotion" and tough talk about "regime change," well, it wouldn't be the first time this president has made his predecessor's policy his own."

That's right.

We need another BO reversal. We need for BO to adopt Bush's commitment to regime change.

Why regime change? Because it's the best solution for everyone, and specially the women of Iran forced to live under 12th century rule?

P.S. Speaking of Iranian women, I can't wait to see The Stoning of Soraya:


Wonder what Calderon & Uribe think of BO singing along with Chavez, Ortega and the Castro brothers?

Once again, we see Pres BO lining up with our enemies rather than our allies.

In Honduras, a Chavez-like president attempted to change the constitution and extend his rule.

Chavez did it in Venezuela. Why not Zelaya in Honduras?

"There was a coup all right, but it wasn't committed by the U.S. or the Honduran court.

It was committed by Zelaya himself.

He brazenly defied the law, and Hondurans overwhelmingly supported his removal (a pro-Zelaya rally Monday drew a mere 200 acolytes)."

Chavez has threatened to invade Honduras and restore Zelaya.

Of course, Chavez doesn't have the military resources to send a naval force across the Caribbean Sea and into The Gulf of Mexico.

However, he can destabilize Honduras, a small Central American nation.

Wonder what Pres Calderon of Mexico and Pres Uribe of Colombia think about Pres BO lining up with the region's # 1 thug?

Mexico and Colombia were recent targets of Chavez' meddling! Again, wonder what they think of "hope and change" down in Mexico City and Bogota these days?

As the world turns, BO seems awfully comfortable promoting a pro-Chavez agenda in Central America.

Wouldn't we better off if Pres BO and the US were promoting a "rule of law" agenda?

"It’s difficult to make sense out of the foreign policy coming out of the White House under Barack Obama.

On the one hand, Obama insisted that he could not interfere with the internal politics of the “sovereign government of Iran,” refusing for days to even condemn Iran for its flagrantly violent repression of dissent.

When Honduras’ military staged a coup, though, Obama apparently had no such reticence in involving the US on behalf of deposed President Manuel Zelaya — a close ally of Hugo Chavez..."

Chavez, Castro & BO against the people of Honduras!

It's a sad day when Pres BO is lining up with Chavez and Castro.

Has Pres BO read the Honduras constitution?

So let's hope that someone at The White House reads Honduras Defends Its Democracy by Mary A. O'Grady:

"Hugo Chávez's coalition-building efforts suffered a setback yesterday when the Honduran military sent its president packing for abusing the nation's constitution."

No Chavez in Honduras.

This is not your old fashioned military coup. Instead, this is actually a nation defending the "rule and law".

Why do you think that Chavez, Castro & Ortega are rooting for former Pres Zelaya?

Let's hope that Pres BO catches up with reality down in Honduras.

P.S. We also recommend Honduras defends its democracy by Fausta, a lady who knows her stuff:

"Zelaya couldn’t get the ballots printed in Honduras since the referendum had been pronounced illegal by the country’s Supreme Court AND the electoral board.

Therefore, the government couldn’t print them. No private printer was willing to break the law, either.

So Zelaya had the ballots printed in Venezuela and flown in."

So who is supporting Zelaya?

Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez and that fellow named BO!

Is Pres BO the first "labor union" president in US history?

Sen McCain got this one right in: 'Unions are running a lot of this administration'

"McCain referenced the auto bailouts as well as President Obama's push for a healthcare reform package that includes a public (or "government-run") option for consumers as examples of union influence on the administration.

Unions have worked to organize support for the healthcare reform bill, and have also pushed for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a labor reform bill which the administration has said it supports.

McCain, who faced off against Obama in the 2008 presidential election, accused his onetime electoral nemesis of conducting "far-left" policies in a "a right-of-center nation."

We can add "protectionism" to Sen McCain's comments.

Pres BO is pursuing a union agenda! The country needs a "jobs" agenda!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Can we stop the Michael Jackson 24/7 coverage?

OK. He is dead.

OK. He is really dead.

Do we have to watch this story 24/7!

As we wrote before, Jackson was a freak, a creep and a very bad role model.

Let him rest in peace and let's get back to the real stuff in the world:

Again, let MJ rest in peace and let's move on to stuff that really matters!

Let's get tough serious about consequences in Iran!

Should we expect Pres BO to do more than just talk about the situation in Iran?

Yes we can.

Did you know that Iran imports most of its gasoline?

"Despite having the world’s second largest reserves of oil, Iran must import 40% of its gasoline because of a lack of refining capacity.

Most of its refined gasoline comes from the Jamnagar Refinery, operated and owned by Reliance Industries, an Indian company.

And guess who has guaranteed a $500 million loan to expand this refinery?

You did.

The American taxpayer, through the Export-Import Bank provided the loan guarantees as part of a $900 million package to Reliance."

Let's support the Sherman-Kirk Amendment in Congress.

This is an amendment that cuts off Export-Import bank financing for any firm that exports gasoline to Iran.

It sounds good to me!

It will have a devastating impact on the rulers' ability to stay in power.

Yes, I understand that it will hurt people. However, it will destabilize the economy even more and push the regime over the cliff.

Former Spanish PM JOSé MARIA AZNAR has a good column about Iran:

"Watching videos of innocent Iranians being brutalized, it's hard to defend silence." (JMA)

No silence in this blog!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and a few other thoughts!

Jody Rosen has a good post on Michael Jackson's best album:

"Thriller (1982) was Jackson's masterpiece; it was also his curse.

It won him unprecedented adoration:

No one—not Frank Sinatra, not Elvis Presley, not the Beatles—commanded as large a global audience.

But it was also a commercial and artistic milestone that Jackson spent the rest of his life trying in vain to repeat."

I understand Rosen's point.

"Thriller" spoiled us.

Michael Jackson was 25 years old and he had the best selling album in pop history.

The songs were great. The dancing videos were spectacular.

"Thriller" was like a hitter winning the triple crown! How do you ever have a better season than that?

How do you top "Thriller"? You can't!

P.S. My friend Jerome and I had a chat about Michael Jackson on the air yesterday. We remembered Jackson's music and contributions!

Here is another one from The Jackson 5. This is "Mama's Pearl":


Dear Pres BO: Check out how Pres Reagan responded to Poland 1981!

In 1981, Poland erupted and Pres Reagan responded:

"All the information that we have confirms that the imposition of martial law in Poland has led to the arrest and confinement, in prisons and detention camps, of thousands of Polish trade union leaders and intellectuals.

Factories are being seized by security forces and workers beaten.

These acts make plain there’s been a sharp reversal of the movement toward a freer society that has been underway in Poland for the past year and a half.

Coercion and violation of human rights on a massive scale have taken the place of negotiation and compromise.

All of this is in gross violation of the Helsinki Pact, to which Poland is a signatory.

It would be naive to think this could happen without the full knowledge and the support of the Soviet Union.

We’re not naive.

We view the current situation in Poland in the gravest of terms, particularly the increasing use of force against an unarmed population and violations of the basic civil rights of the Polish people.

Violence invites violence and threatens to plunge Poland into chaos.

We call upon all free people to join in urging the Government of Poland to reestablish conditions that will make constructive negotiations and compromise possible."
Don't make excuses for Pres BO's timid and late response.

We need a president who will stand for freedom and stand with people crushed by security forces.

It's time to put negotiations or "BO's Iranian talk" show on hold.

It's more important to stand with the people than their corrupt leaders!

Remembering a great song from the late Marvin Gaye!

Marvin Gaye recorded so many great songs!

A few days ago, I was driving around and heard "Too busy thinking about my baby".

It reminded me of high school days!

He recorded some great songs with Tammi Terrell, such as "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Your Precious Love", "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "You're All I Need to Get By."

In the 1970's, Gaye recorded one of the decade's best albums: What's Going! ("In 2003, the album was ranked number 6 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.")

Marvin Gaye was great and still sounds great so many years later:


"Ah-ah-aaah, oh yeah... Oh listen to me people
I ain't got time to think about money
Or what it can buy
And I ain't got time to sit down and wonder
What makes a birdie fly
And I don't have the time to think about
What makes a flower grow
And I've never given a second thought
To where the rivers flow

Too busy thinking about my baby
And I ain't got time for nothing else

Said, I ain't got time to discuss the weather
How long it's gonna last
And I ain't got time to do no studies
Once I get out of class
Tellin ya I'm just a fellow
Said I got a one track mind
And when it comes to thinking about anything but my baby
I just don't have any time

The diamonds and pearls in the world
Could never match her worth, no no
She's some kind of wonderful, people tell ya
I got heaven right here on earth
I'm just a fellow
With a one, one track mind
And when it comes to thinkin' about anything but my baby
I just don't have any time

(yeah, she's never hard to find
'cause she's always on my mind)"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why is North Korea playing with Pres BO?

Wonder what North Korea thinks of this: US will not use force to inspect NKorean ship!

We went to the UN....got a very tough resolution.....but we can't inspect a ship.

Wonder who is laughing tonight?

"Instead of Obama looking tough, Kim has shown the world that he can bully the US into retreat at any time.

He exposed Obama as a paper tiger."

Pres Bush was right about North Korea.

I like what Ashok Malik wrote about this: Bush was right after all

8 years of Bush.....no missiles

5 months of BO: lots of missiles and more coming!


Not at all.

The North Koreans don't fear BO!

Be careful about voting for the anti-Bush: He may hold detainees indefinitely just like Bush!

"Hope and change" continues its reversals.

Wonder what the "yes we can" screamers would have said about any of this during the campaign?

We are happy that "hope and change" has come to its senses.

Let Mr. Malcolm explain it further:

"According to the Post report, the 44th president is now starting to think that closure of the internationally-reviled Guantanamo Bay detention facility, which Obama announced with so much fanfare on his first day in office last winter, may be impossible to actually accomplish before the one-year deadline he set for himself before actually planning where else to put these prisoners.

In other words, fanfare aside, status quo ante.

Democrat or Republican, same deal.

Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney will be so pleased that the Obama-Biden folks finally accepted his advice to protect national security.

Another sign, finally, of real change after eight long years of the very same thing."

Again, we are happy that Pres BO is putting national security ahead of keeping silly campaign promises to "yes we can" screamers.

My question is this: Who is going to apologize to Pres Bush and VP Cheney?

Who is going to apologize after spending two years claiming that the Bush-Cheney administration was breaking the law?

P.S. We refer you once again to The adolescent angst of Barack Obama By Michael Barone! It's amazing how different the world looks when you are actually responsible for our national security!

Gov Palin has a message for the people of Iran!

It was great to see Gov Palin stand with the people of Iran!

Iran is shooting its people.

I'm glad to see that Gov Palin understands freedom!

BO has been tougher on Mexico, Canada & Colombia than Iran, N-Korea, Chavez or Syria!

Here is my advice to Pres Calderon of Mexico, PM Harper of Canada or Pres Uribe of Colombia:

Become an enemy of the US, support terrorism, kill US soldiers in Iraq, threaten Israel and develop a nuclear program.

Perhaps, Canada should say that they are withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan! Or say that they will sell their oil to China!


This is how you get on Pres BO's "talk show" or get attention from this White House.

Just see what BO is doing for Hugo Chavez and Bashar al-Assad: Hot dogs for Syria and Venezuela!

As Pres BO continues down the path of assuming that he can change bad guys with his personality, he is failing one huge presidential test:

We don't elect presidents to do talk shows. That's what Oprah and Cristina do!

We don't elect presidents to be popular for the sake of being popular. That's what entertainers do!

We elect our presidents to promote US interests and support our allies, such as Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

Bill Katz has noticed that even the liberal Washington Post has picked up on BO's anti-ally style:

"Message to Mr. Chávez and the Castro brothers: We can work with you.

Message to Cuba's democratic opposition: We don't have time for you."

Look around the world and you will see that BO's foreign policy puts our enemies first!

Wonder who put all of that in his head?

Didn't BO sit in Rev Wright's church for 20 years? (Jeremiah Wright Foreign Policy By Mark Hyman)

Down in Mexico, Pres Calderon, perhaps one of the most serious leaders in that country's history, has just seen our Pres BO violate NAFTA.

Over in Congress, the Dems are lining up one excuse after another to delay funding The Merida Plan.

Apparently, some Dems are concerned about "human rights" violations in Mexico! Are the same Black Congressional Caucus Dems who went down to Cuba to hold talks with Raul Castro?

We are not going to defend everything that happens in Mexico. However, I don't think that Mexico should be very high on our list of countries with human rights violations!

It's hard to think of Mexican human rights violations in the context of Iran killing its people and throwing out foreign reporters!

Down in Colombia, Pres Uribe is being told that "they are" killing labor leaders.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi has directed Pres BO to discontinue any discussions about the Colombia Free Trade Agreement until "they" stop killing labor leaders!

Of course, Mexican trucks are safe and Colombia is not intentionally killing labor leaders.

Nevertheless, facts don't matter because BO and Pelosi have to pay back the unions that spent millions to get them elected!

US labor unions do not like free trade agreements. Nancy Pelosi has ordered BO to follow whatever the unions are saying.

As the WSJ wrote today:

"Democrats nonetheless continue to prevent a vote on the FTA.

Big Labor has simply drawn a line in the sand against any new trade agreements, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is complying.

Colombia gets whacked." (WSJ)

Nancy is the conductor and she has ordered BO to whack Mexico and Colombia!

She forced him to sing the "stimulus" that has not stimulated the US economy one bit!

It did add US$ 800 billion to our current federal budget deficit.

We have gone from a deficit relative to GDP of 4% under Bush to 10% under BO!

Are these the same people who used to talk about Bush's deficits?

We are yearning for the day when BO takes as much interest in working with Mexico and Colombia as he does in writing pre-election letters to to the Iranian thugs shooting their citizens.

Wonder what all of those marchers in Iran think about Pres BO sending a pre-election letter to the people shooting them?

Hope and change?

Maybe Pres BO should fly to Mexico and apologize for violating NAFTA? That's one apology that makes sense!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Resign Gov Sanford....your behavior was very irrational!

Here we go again.

Gov Sanford was one of the promising stars in the party.

As we posted before, our comeback will be fueled by governors, such as Romney, Huckabee, Palin and our own Perry of Texas.

Republicans are "a state driven" party. Our future presidents are usually successful governors, such as Reagan and GW Bush.

I like our current roster of governors! (Again, keep an eye on Rick Perry of Texas. He is slowly but surely turning into "the anti-federal government candidate" of 2012)

Gov Sanford was one of those guys on the roster. He was a good governor and represented the "growth" part of the country, i.e. the Republican South!

So it was very sad to see Sanford go down the drain!

Over the next few days, we will hear the left wingers say that Republicans are hypocrites and so on.

Are we hypocritical because we preach morality, family values and respect for the unborn?

Not at all.

Do some of our guys make mistakes and destroy themselves, as well as their families?

Unfortunately, yes.

Gov Sanford needs to resign and concentrate on putting his marriage back together. Let's remember that there are four boys in this equation!

Beyond that, Gov Sanford needs to come clean about any use of public funds to support his relationship with the Argentine lady.

We always forgive people who make mistakes.

We are not so kind to to politicians who misuse public funds, betray the public trust and engage in very irrational behavior!

P.S. The media should not publish Gov Sanford's private e-mails! It does not add to the story and embarasses his wife even more! Also, I understand that he was using a private e-mail address and not his official one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A quick word about Michael Jackson

Like so many others, I loved The Jackson 5.

They were great.

In recent years, Michael Jackson really turned me off. I did not enjoy his image, music or anything about him. Frankly, I thought that he was repulsive.

Nevertheless, we do recognize his contributions to pop music.

He had some great solo songs in the 1970s, such as the "Off the Wall" album.

His best solo work was probably the "Thriller" album from the early 1980s. It sold lots of copies!

RIP Michael! I always did like "I'll be there":


Mahmoud to BO: We'll reply to your letter after we do some "housecleaning"!

We know now that Pres BO wrote a letter to the Iranian leaders prior to the election.

What was that all about?

We don't know for sure.

However, it appears that Pres BO was setting up a meeting with the Iranian leadership.

How is that going to play with the people in the streets?

Not well.

Incredibly, Pres BO has now aligned the US government with the corrupt regime running Iran.

Bill Katz has a post about it:

"You'd think the president of the United States could have at least waited until after the "election," so he'd know who he was dealing with. And you'll notice that the Supreme Leader hasn't even responded yet, even though the letter was sent weeks ago." (THE OBAMA IRAN LETTER)

What's one more apology from Pres BO?

A president projecting lots of weakness at a time when we should be standing strong!

Anne Bayefsky is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and professor and director of the Touro College Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust in New York.

Today, she posted A Weak American President:

"President Obama has staked his reputation on being a human rights guru to people around the world.

But his remarks at Tuesday's news conference and behavior since taking office have instead exposed a different persona--that of human rights charlatan."

She is right.

We have a great opportunity for regime change in Iran. We have a chance to be with those who want change in Iran.

Where are we?

Pres BO is still interested in talking to the thugs killing innocent people.

The world is watching Iran. The bad buys are indeed watching Pres BO!

P.S. We understand that it was a very bad day in Iran: Witnesses: Protesters, riot police clash in streets around parliament...

The women of Iran are marching for something much bigger than "a stolen election"!

Deborah Weiss is an attorney and regular contributor to FrontpageMag.com.

Today, she posted a wonderful article about the courageous ladies of Iran: Why Iran's Women Are Rioting!

She recommends a new movie:

"Nothing better illustrates the awful injustices Iranian women face than a soon-to-be released film, The Stoning of Soraya M.

The film tells the grisly true story of an innocent woman who was stoned to death in Iran on charges of adultery."

Let's stand with the people of Iran, and specially the ladies yearning for change! By the way, Ed has a preview of the movie: Opening night get-together for The Stoning of Soraya M!

Barone and "The adolescent angst of Barack Obama"

Michael Barone is one of the nation's best political analysts.

This is one my favorite paragraphs:

"Back in July 2007, Obama said that he would meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and other tyrants without preconditions.

Grown-up squares like George W. Bush wouldn’t talk to these guys, so as the avatar of the generation of hope and change, Obama would.

Obama figured he was cool enough to get the mullahs to agree to renounce nuclear weapons and all that hate stuff."

Here is my second favorite paragraph:

"As parents know, it takes time for an adolescent to grow up."

Yes, it does!

Read it because it is great!

P.S. On a similar topic, Reality Bites — Doesn’t It, Mr. President? By Jennifer Rubin is worth checking out:

"Reality is catching up to the president. He has lived in a world of media adulation and campaign spin ever since he announced his run for the White House.

He has not had to face hard decisions and, instead, had the luxury of dismissing them as “false choices.”

But now, both on foreign and domestic policy, the real world has intruded and it is not at all clear how — or if — the president will respond."

I really like this:

"In short, it wasn’t all Bush’s fault.

Many of Bush’s anti-terrorism decisions and national security architecture have proven to be entirely reasonable and politically popular to boot.

He actually had the North Koreans and Iranians pegged pretty well (although he arguably hadn’t dealt effectively with either’s nuclear ambitions before he left office).

By contrast, the rainbow and ice cream vision of the world which entails sitting down with mullahs and North Korean crackpot dictators is quite unreasonable and entirely ill-suited to the world in which the president finds himself."

Hope and change is running out of gas and in need of a tune up less than six months into a presidency!

Dear BO: You need a change of plans about a regime shooting its people!

Back during the campaign, I mentioned that a young "yes we can" screamer was convinced that BO's personality would change the world.

I have not seen him recently. It'd be interesting to get an update following the brutal crackdown in Iran.

Pres BO committed himself to a different foreign policy. Unfortunately, nobody asked him to explain it, i.e. no one in the media challenged him.

Today, Pres BO is dealing with the harsh reality that Iran is a terrorist state that kills its people.

"Before June 12, Obama's eagerness to negotiate with Ahmadinejad -- ridiculed by his conservative critics -- was hailed by the establishment and the left as proof of his high-minded faith in diplomacy, a healthy antidote to George W. Bush's allegedly close-minded approach.

But now, if the clerical junta prevails, anyone who shakes hands with Ahmadinejad will have a hard time washing the blood off his own hands."

Does anyone at this White House understand the backlash if he now meets with Iranian leaders?

It's time for BO to make some "in flight corrections".

It's time for the naive candidate to come to grip to some reality.

There won't be a face to face meeting with Iran's leaders.

BO isn't going to get a chance to change the world with his personality.

P.S. Dick Morris has a note about Pres BO's foreign policy:

"In the meantime, Obama's pathetic performance vis-a-vis Iran and North Korea cannot but send a message to all of America's enemies that the president of the United States does not believe in using power.

That he is a wimp and they can get away with whatever they want. A dangerous reputation, indeed."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think of inviting Iranian diplomats to our birthday party?

We really love Thomas Jefferson in this blog.

Thomas Jefferson was 32 years old when he wrote The Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Jefferson went on to be our 3rd president.

Jefferson coincidentally died on July 4, 1826, or the 50th anniversary of the document that made him famous. (John Adams, the other big player in the signing of the declaration died on that day too!

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government"

What side do you think that Thomas Jefferson would take in Iran?

A corrupt repressive regime?

Or people demanding their freedom?

Pres BO got a question at today's press conference.

It was a simple question: Are we still inviting Iranian diplomats to our July 4th party?

"State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said on Monday that Iranian diplomats are still welcome to attend Fourth of July parties at U.S. embassies around the world:

"There's no thought to rescinding the invitations to Iranian diplomats," Kelly said.

"We have made a strategic decision to engage on a number of fronts with Iran.

And -- and we tried many years of isolation, and we're pursuing a different path now.""

So the Iranians are coming!

Has anybody in this White House thought about the potential PR blunder of this invitation?

It was a stupid idea before the Iranian election.

It is a dumber idea now!

We get the impression that Iran's demonstrations have spoiled Pres BO's obsession with "talking" to the country's leadership.

According to media reports, Pres BO sent a message calling for better US-Iran relations.

Again, doesn't the Obama White House understand the PR blunder of sitting down with people who have brutally cracked down on their population.

I agree with Mark Davis: Why Iranian protests paralyze Obama!

Mark is right. The demonstrators spoiled BO's chance to "charm" Iran into cancelling their nuclear program.

Ed McMahon was a very funny man!

We heard that Ed McMahon died today.

My generation grew up watching The Tonight Show. It was Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, a great team!

Bill Katz has a great post about Ed McMahon:

"He was a warm, gregarious and totally accessible guy, a former Marine pilot, who seemed genuinely grateful for his luck."

Rent a Tonight Show DVD this weekend! They were great shows!

Tuesday's show: A chat about Mexico with Patrick Corcoran

We spoke with Patrick Corcoran, columnist on MexicoData.info and blogger (Gancho).

Patrick has been writing extensively on Mexico's domestic situation.

Click here for the show or go to the radio box on the left column.

Adryana Boyne and I had a discussion about Iran and other issues!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Iran demonstrators: We love what Sen McCain is saying, too!

Check out Sen McCain's statement about the demonstrations and Neda's murder.

Sen McCain has been upfront on Iran, as he was last summer when the Russians moved into Georgia.

Today, I am very proud that I voted for McCain. Again, we are not talking about "choosing sides". We are simply talking about standing up for some basic values, such as not getting killed for expression your opinion.

My guess is that a lot of Iranians are very happy with McCain, too!


P.S. By the way, are we still inviting Iranian officials to join us on July 4th?

Is that a joke?

How in the world can Pres BO do that?

Shouldn't he cancel the invitation?

How can you share Thomas Jefferson's words with a bunch of thugs who kill people?




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