Friday, March 13, 2009

A word about Mike Modano

It feels like hockey in Dallas tonight.

It's chilly outside (Temperatures steady in the upper 30s) and the Stars are on TV. It's a little too cold to think about baseball!

It's a good time to write a post about # 9!

Mike Modano has been here since 1993.

My sons and I went to the first game that the Stars played in Dallas.

We heard from the "hockey experts" in the radio pre-game show that Modano was the best player in the new home team.

They were right!

He was a part of the Stanley Cup Champs in the late 90s.

He is one of the most popular pro-athletes in the area.

His good looks make him very popular with the ladies.

Sadly, it looks like we are watching the end of Modano's career.

Jacques Taylor of The Dallas Morning News posted Modano can't be expected to save Dallas Stars:

"The Stars need Mike Modano to be a difference-maker every night to win games these days.

That probably explains why the Stars have lost eight of 10 – and dropped onto the fringe of the playoff race.

At 38, Modano just can't do it every night."

It's tough to play in the NHL at 38!

It won't get any easier next year!

We may be watching the end of Mike Modano's illustrious career. He doesn't seem to have a lot left in the tank.

Let's hope that #9 retires and goes out as a Dallas Star!

It would be very sad to watch Mike Modano sitting in any body's else bench!

Let's remember #500:


Let's remember # 502 and # 503:




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