Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Pres BO & Sen Dodd give up their AIG money?

The AIG outrage is fun to watch, specially when you consider that AIG gave Sen Dodd and candidate BO quite a bit money:

"Coincidentally, Sen. Dodd was AIG's largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election cycle with $103,000, according to

Also coincidentally, one of the largest offices of AIG Financial Products, the division that concocted the goofy financial instruments that doomed AIG, is situated in Connecticut.

The second-largest AIG recipient, at $101,232, was the "choked up with anger" President Obama.

If AIG gives back the bonuses, will the president give back these and other campaign contributions from troubled institutions?" (IBD)

Andrew Malcolm has a good post today about the Congress beating up on Mr. Liddy, the man who took over AIG. Our friend Bill Katz has a good summary of Mr. Malcolm's post:

"Who wants to witness Edward Liddy, who was summoned from retirement only in September as the federal financial paramedic of AIG for the outrageous annual salary of $1, bludgeoned mercilessly for the cameras by the overpowering, hyperbolic hypocrisy of congressmen and women who awarded themselves $4,700 raises in this winter of economic duress?

Those raises, making their annual salaries $174,000, will cost taxpayers an extra $2.5 million this year; call it "a bonus."

P.S. I agree with The Dallas Morning News that Pres BO should not appear on The Leno Show:

"We ask our president to fill a lot of roles, but talk-show entertainer isn't one of them."



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