Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why would Raul Castro allow Russian planes to land in Cuba?

We hear that Raul Castro just made a bunch of changes in Cuba. Of course, "changes" doesn't mean that anything actually changed.

Cuba is still a dictatorship run by the Castro brothers!

This is why I find the Russian bombers story a bit confusing.

It may be that Putin wants to challenge Pres Obama.

It may be that VP Biden turns out to be right when he said that Pres Obama would be tested.

However, what is Raul Castro going to gain out of having Russian bombers land in Cuba?

How is this going to make it easier for Cuba to relax relations with the US?

Frankly, I don't get it.

The USSR is gone. The Cold War is history.

Cuba is an economic mess desperately in need of markets and credit.

Russian planes will not bring credit or jobs to Cuba. Russia has its own economic problems!

My guess is that Raul Castro would have US commercial planes full of tourists and dollars landing in Cuba!

Again, I don't this Russian bombers story. It's hard to see why Raul Castro would benefit from it.


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