Sunday, March 01, 2009

When is Pres Obama going to say something about Mexico?

Dear Pres. Obama: You face a major crisis south of the border.

During the campaign, candidate Obama spoke of NAFTA killing jobs in Ohio and PA.

He shamefully used NAFTA to exploit Ohio's manufacturing problems.

It worked politically. The Dems took Ohio's 20 electoral votes from the Republicans in the Electoral College. (Ohio had voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004!)

On the other hand, candidate McCain responsibly supported free trade and discussed the national security implications of a failed Mexico.

McCain probably lost Ohio by being responsible. Obama won Ohio by telling people what they wanted to hear!

Today, we are not sure if Pres Obama and the Democrats understand just how perilous things are turning in Mexico.

It would be nice, for example, to hear Pres Obama make a speech expressing his support for Pres Calderon's efforts.

Incredibly, he did not mention Mexico, one of our largest trading partners, in the presidential address.

He was too busy telling us that his spending programs would be paid for by "taxing the rich"!

Pres Obama should make s speech calling on Congress to expand the Merida Plan agreed to by Pres Bush and Pres Calderon.

Wouldn't it make sense for Pres Obama to call on Congress to expand the Merida Plan?

Obama's silence about Mexico must be confusing to Mexicans, specially the brave Mexican soldiers fighting brutal cartels.

I think that most Mexicans would like to hear Obama supporting their incredible efforts to fight the cartels. After all, aren't we consuming the drugs? ("As long as there is money and a market, there will be a supply")

What's next in this war in Mexico?

Pres Obama and the Dems must consider the real possibility that refugees will show up on our border.

I believe that we will see refugees in 2009.

They will be running away from one of the most brutal wars in recent memory.

Most of these refugees will be middle class Mexicans looking for a secured place to raise their families.

What are we going to do?

Gov Perry of Texas is calling on the federal government to take Mexico seriously.

Again, will Pres Obama check out the very real crisis south of the border?

Or does Pres Obama still see Mexico as a "cheap labor" threat to the unions who got him elected?

For more on the Mexico situation, check out these articles:

DAVID LUHNOW and JOSé DE CORDOBA just wrote The Perilous State of Mexico:

"The parallels between Pakistan and Mexico are strong enough that the U.S. military singled them out recently as the two countries where there is a risk the government could suffer a swift and catastrophic collapse, becoming a failed state.

Pakistan is the greater worry because the risk of collapse is higher and because it has nuclear weapons.

But Mexico is also scary: It has 100 million people on the southern doorstep of the U.S., meaning any serious instability would flood the U.S. with refugees.

Mexico is also the U.S.'s second biggest trading partner."

"According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2,231 Mexicans sought asylum in the United States in fiscal 2008 – up from 1,366 in 2006, before drug violence in Mexico began to escalate.

And it is not just the number of applicants that is increasing – the number of approved applications has more than doubled from 61 in 2006 to 123 in 2008."

"In Juarez alone, the U.S. consul has estimated at least 30 Americans were slain last year in a wave of killings that took more than 1,600 lives.

A 9-year-old American citizen was killed there in the first violent weeks of 2009."

"As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States."




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