Monday, March 30, 2009

We need to seal the border!

J.G. Thayer wrote a good post entitled Hillary’s Half-Truth:

"There is a simple solution to both nation’s problems.

All it would take to ease the problems caused by unregulated traffic across the border — in both directions — is staunch enforcement of existing laws and taking border security seriously.

If that was coupled with a general easing of immigration and other cross-border traffic laws, the result would be a boon to everyone: more legal crossings, fewer illegal ones."

That's right!

There is too much illegal traffic going north and south!

How do you really help Pres Calderon?

We seal our border and encourage Mexicans to seal theirs!

The border war is not a police matter. We don't need people to check documents.

We need our high tech military technology to find, and kill if necessary, the cartels causing so much violence.

We need troops ready and able to engage the brutal cartels on the border.

This is a war and a national security threat.

How bad are things along the border?

Very bad.

Check out this video with Sara Carter of The Washington Times.

Her article Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U.S. should be an alarm for everyone:



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