Monday, March 02, 2009

We like Canada's PM Harper!

We are not Canadians. Therefore, we don't post opinions on Canadian politics.

However, we love PM Harper.

MARY ANASTASIA O'GRADY has a great post about the Canadian PM.

I love the title:
A Resolute Ally in the War on Terror
Canadians are with us in Afghanistan. We should be with them on free trade!

We appreciate Canada's effort in Afghanistan:

"The implications of failure there would be large.

"Afghanistan is a serious test for NATO," he warns.

"NATO has taken on a United Nations mission and NATO must succeed or I do think the future of NATO as we've known it is in considerable doubt."

Unlike the talkers like France and Germany, Canada is in the fight.

We are grateful for that.

PM Harper has also been a promoter of free trade. He recently spoke about The Colombian Free Trade Agreement, which is currently tied up in the Dem House.

Cheers for PM Harper. We need a conservative voice in North America to offset the community organizer living in The White House!


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