Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on "Hope and change" and the "screamers"

Check out Noemie Emery's Death of the Obama dream:

"First, the financial crisis he was hired to fix has only grown worse under his tutelage, losing another 2,000-plus points on the Dow since his ascension.

Second, the ‘smoothest transition on record’ stopped being smooth when Bush went back to Texas, and has since been a mélange of scandals and dithering.

Third, the immense sums in his budget are starting to stun the more moderate Democrats, not to mention the Obamacons, who once put their hopes in his ‘moderate’ temperament.

Fourth, he and some of his high-profile picks have shown a repeated addiction to unforced errors and slights---mixing up names, misplacing dates, dissing Nancy Reagan, dissing the British Prime Minister, dissing the Special Olympics, created and run by John Kennedy’s sister—giving the impression the administration is run by the under-informed and the boorish and socially compromised.

Would Caroline’s father, who took part in his family’s effort to raise his retarded sister as normal, and who as president put great store in his special relationship with “Uncle Harold” McMillan, have found this amusing?

One rather thinks not."

What else is happening?

Pres BO's budget proposals have Dems worried:

How can anyone justify budget deficits of 10-12% of GDP running for several years into the future? John Hinderaker is right: Who's Going to Lend the Money?

The "yes we can" screamers are worried, too. They had such high expectations for this president.

We warned them during the campaign to check out FOUAD AJAMI and Obama and the Politics of Crowds!

We recall this from the article:

"Victory will steadily deliver the sobering verdict that our troubles won't be solved by a leader's magic."

Let me say it again:

The "yes we can" screamers will soon feel terrible pain, the pain of having been taken for a ride by someone who told them what they wanted to hear.

Of course, there is always that video. It tells you everything that you need to know about these voters!

For me, this whole Obama episode, from the speeches about "healing the planet" to doing press conferences with a TelePrompter, is something out of The Twilight Zone:




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