Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday's show: A chat with Allan Wall about Mexico!

Today, we spoke with Allan Wall. Click to the right and listen to the show.

Or you can click here.

We spoke about travel to Mexico. You can read what Allan wrote about travelling or visiting Mexico.

Second, it's obvious that lots of guns are going south.

Mexico blames the US.

We blame corrupt Mexican customs officials.

Who is right? Both sides are right.

We can't control corruption in Mexico. However, we could impose better rules on our side of the border.

In Mexican Drug Cartels Binge on American Bullets, Todd Bensman takes a look at gun shops on the border:

"So popular is the 7.62 caliber ammunition for AK-47 semi-automatic assault rifles that one Academy Sports and Outdoors in the border city of McCallen, Texas, recently stacked shoebox-sized cases several feet high down half a row in the hunting section.

Employees said customers routinely fork over thousands of dollars — in cash — to pile shopping carts high with ammunition that Mexico’s drug cartels will use to lock and load their favorite assault-style weapons and handguns for battle against police and each other."

Mexico and the US need to stop blaming each other. It's time to find common ground on gun sales and corruption in Mexico's custom offices.

P.S. Adryana Boyne's commentary was about the new budget and "earmarks"!



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