Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Stars really miss Morrow!

The Stars are still a candidate for the NHL Western Conference playoffs. However, don't expect them to go very far.

Before the season, we were very optimistic abut the Stars. We even went as far as predicting a return trip to Stanley Cup Finals! At least, I thought that they would play in the Western Conference Finals!

We are not so optimistic now.

In fact, the Stars are going to need a huge March to persuade us local fans that this team can go deep in the NHL playoffs:

"If the Dallas Stars are going to make a march to the playoffs, it will have to be on the strength of a great March.

They left February with a whimper Saturday, losing at home for the fourth consecutive time as the Anaheim Ducks prevailed, 4-3." (Heika)

What happened to the Dallas Stars? The answer is Brenden Morrow, the very talented player who was in the middle of every scoring drive!

The Stars just don't have the same energy since Morrow hit the DL.



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