Friday, March 20, 2009

Shouldn't Pres BO tell us about the "expansion" of the Afghanistan War?

In recent weeks, Pres Obama has sent 17,000 more US troops to Afghanistan. At the same time, we are not getting any help from NATO members. (Canada and the UK are the exception)

Shouldn't we hear more?

When will Pres Obama go to the Congress and request an expansion on the Oct 2001 resolution that got us into Afghanistan?

I'm not against increasing our presence in Afghanistan or hitting sanctuaries anywhere.

However, do most Americans understand that casualties are coming?

Also, you can't hit sanctuaries or villages without killing civilians. Our F-16s have some very big bombs and they can do a lot of damage when they fall in the wrong place!

I would recommend a prime time speech outlining our new strategy.

Pres Bush took this country into Afghanistan and Iraq after long debates in the Congress.

Pres Bush-41 took the US into The Gulf War after a debate and vote in the Congress.

Shouldn't we have a similar debate about this new phase of the Afghanistan War?


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