Tuesday, March 24, 2009

President Abortion is off and running!

Quin Hillyer has a post today about the Pres BO's pro-abortion politicies:

"The most radically anti-life administration in American history is on the march, trampling over every moral qualm of the pro-life community by forcing taxpayer funding of various abortion-related services here and abroad, weakening (and threatening to eliminate) the rights of conscience of those who do not want to aid abortions, making Catholic hospitals fear they might need to close down rather than abet what they consider to be mortal sins, appointing radically pro-abort officials to high positions, and reversing President Bush's elegant and thoughtful executive order on embryonic stem cell research.

All of which should not surprise, considering that our president is so monstrously -- yes, monstrously -- anti-life that he opposed legislation to protect infants born alive after "botched" abortions.

There's a more precise term for the actions defended by his Illinois legislative position: murder."

It's really frightening. So why is Notre Dame inviting Pres Obama to speak there? I agree with Notre Dame, Say It Isn't So! What was Father John I. Jenkins, president of Notre Dame University, thinking?


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