Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pres BO's choice: Help poor black kids or carry the water for the teachers' union!

As the father of 3 sons, I am happy with their public school education.

It's not a perfect education.

For example, I wish that my sons could have enjoyed "The Christmas Concerts" that we used to have.

In my high school, we had a day to sing Christmas carols and celebrate the reason for the holidays. We got to sing "Silent Night" and even had a kid dressed up as Santa Claus!

Of course, political correctness has turned "The Christmas Concert" or "Christmas vacation" into the idiotic "winter break".

A winter break in Dallas? Go figure!

My sons are lucky. Most kids in our area are lucky. We get to send them to a decent school. We have a great principal and very dedicated teachers.

Kids are not lucky in failing inner city schools in Washington DC, Detroit, New Orleans, etc.

Some of us have advocated "choice" for poor parents.

It's the "choice" of giving poor black kids, and in some cases Hispanic kids in LA, the opportunity to get an education.

Who opposes such "choice"?

The answer is the teachers' unions and the Dems who get millions of dollars in political contributions.

The Dems are all about "choice" when it comes to abortion.

The Dems have no interest in "choice" when it comes to giving thousands of poor black kids a chance to succeed.

We know how Pres. Obama feels about pubic education:

1) He sent his daughters to private schools in Chicago.

2) He is sending his two cute girls to a private school in Washington DC.

Barrack and Michelle Obama had the income to give their daughters a choice. They had the earnings to keep their daughters out of the disastrous Chicago pubic schools.

WILLIAM MCGURN has posted Will Obama Stand Up for These Kids? :

"Dick Durbin has a nasty surprise for two of Sasha and Malia Obama's new schoolmates. And it puts the president in an awkward position.

The children are Sarah and James Parker. Like the Obama girls, Sarah and James attend the Sidwell Friends School in our nation's capital.

Unlike the Obama girls, they could not afford the school without the $7,500 voucher they receive from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program.

Unfortunately, a spending bill the Senate takes up this week includes a poison pill that would kill this program -- and with it perhaps the Parker children's hopes for a Sidwell diploma."

"This, after all, is a man who has written of the "anger" he felt as a community organizer, when his attempts to improve things for Chicago school kids ran up against an "uncomfortable fact."

"The biggest source of resistance [to reform]," he said, "was rarely talked about . . . namely, the uncomfortable fact that every one of our churches was filled with teachers, principals, and district superintendents.

Few of these educators sent their own children to public schools; they knew too much for that.

But they would defend the status quo with the same skill and vigor as their white counterparts of two decades before."

Let's just say that Sarah and James Parker -- and thousands just like them -- could use some of that same Obama anger right about now."

The ball is in Pres BO's court.

Show me some courage.

Stand up to the Dems and the teachers' unions.

Give poor black kids in DC, and others, a chance to get an education.

This is a "video letter" to Pres BO from some of the kids that the Dems want to condemn to the horrible public schools of DC:




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