Friday, March 06, 2009

Pres BO needs to get over Limbaugh and start governing!

It didn't work for Pres Clinton in 1993-94. As you may remember, he decided to pick a fight with Limbaugh and lost big time.

Moral of the story? We don't elect presidents to get into fights with talk show hosts.

We elect presidents to deal with big things.

Limbaugh is not the Republican Party's leader, anymore than he was in 1993 when Clinton tried the same crap.

At the moment, Republicans are re-organizing and there is no formal leader.

I am OK with that.

We will see someone emerge after the 2010 elections, just like we did after the 1994 takeover of the Congress.

I am in no hurry to find a leader.

I am focused on stopping Pres BO's policies for the moment.

This is our recommendation for the Dems.

1) Start governing. You are not sitting in the bleachers anymore. The country gave you the coach's headset so start calling plays!

2) Stop blaming Bush! It doesn't work, specially since the country put you in charge of the team!

Like we saw in 1977 and 1993, the Democrats are not capable of governing when they control the presidency and Congress.

The Dems are not mature enough to accept the responsibility of making tough decisions.

Memo to Dems: Get over Limbaugh and Bush.

Don't believe me? Check out the midterm elections of 1978 and 1994!



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