Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Paul Harvey and "The Philadelphia Story"

I found this episode of "The rest of the Story".

I recall hearing it on the radio years ago.

It was always one of my favorites because it involves George Washington.

We will miss Paul Harvey. We will miss him a lot!

I love this from Christopher Orlet :

"A Paul Harvey newscast was in startling contrast to the network or public radio news.

From the opening salvo of "Hello Americans! Paul Harvey…Stand by for News!" -- the absence of any theme music or bells and whistles let you know you were in for 15 minutes of honest, man-to-man talk.

Paul Harvey gave it to you straight, but without the doom and gloom that hung over other conventional newscasts.

In the midst of recession, national tragedy, or malaise, Paul Harvey showed you the silver lining amid the dark clouds and raised America's collective spirit -- not like a preacher (though he was descended from five generations of Baptist preachers), but as America's most trusted news source." (Paul Harvey, Good Night)



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