Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama is "class warfare"

What happens when you tax the rich?

We attack the people who pay most of our taxes, invest in our markets and create jobs.

Dick Morris has a thought about "class warfare":
"The draconian tax increases on the segment of the population that pays most of the taxes, generates most of the jobs, employs most of the workforce, and accounts for much of the consumer spending will chill whatever small warmth the stimulus package can generate.

How can Obama pretend that he wants to encourage confidence among bankers and consumers while he regulates them, taxes them, and vilifies them?

His tax increases make it clear that he is less interested in solving the recession and the financial crisis than he is in vindicating his political agenda of redistribution of wealth and income.

The price of this policy will be lost growth and lost jobs."
Do tax increases and big government work?

California is Liberal Land 101!

It could be a preview of US of Obama!

The rich also support our churches and charities!

Pres Obama's war on capitalism is broader than anything we could have expected.

I agree with Hugh Hewitt.

This is a great opportunity for Republicans to stand up for capitalism and the people who make this country great:
"The GOP must immediately make clear that it will do all it can to defend churches and homeowners against this assault, and they must identify the 50 Democrats must vulnerable in 2010 and begin a very detailed web-based watch on what they say and do on these issues.

It will be easy to explain why the plan assaults churches, synagogues, veterans' organizations, childrens's hospitals, private schools and not-for-profits of all sorts, and only slightly more difficult to explain that destroying part of the appeal of a home purchase hammers the entire housing market --from entry level to mansion-- but these arguments have to be made again and again."
Stand up for freedom, capitalism and the American way.

I don't think that most Americans voted for the kind of change that we are seeing from the Obama White House.




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