Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mexico is right about the trucks!

We wrote about the Mexican trucks 18 months ago:

As I posted before, it is insane to stop Mexican trucks at the border.

This is not a safety issue.

In my earlier post, I showed information that Mexican trucks do not have a safety problem.

This is a "Dem party" issue!

".....(they) put in place tariffs on 90 U.S. products after Washington canceled a program that allowed some trucks from Mexico to operate in the U.S."

Gerardo Ruíz-Mateos, Mexico’s economy minister, believes that the US is violating NAFTA.

He is right!

Let the Mexican trucks in!

We have a lot of problems with Mexico, from the border war to a lackadaisical attitude about illegal immigration.

We don't have any problem with Mexican trucks or the fine companies that manage them.

Will Pres Obama have the courage to go against the Dems? We will see!


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