Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mexico has reasons to be very concerned about Pres Obama!

We can't prove it.

However, I'd be willing to bet you a dinner at Churchill's in Mexico City that Pres Calderon was praying for a McCain victory.

First, McCain was a known quantity. Obama is still an unknown quantity.

Second, and more importantly, McCain understands Mexico whereas Obama understands labor unions.

Stratfor is one of best think tanks in the US.

This is how they see the US-Mexico problem in Mexico Retaliates in the Name of NAFTA:

"The dispute has been going on for years now; the most recent chapter opened when the U.S. Congress slipped a measure into an omnibus bill passed several days ago, terminating a pilot program promoted by then-President George W. Bush that gave Mexican truckers access to U.S. roads."

Let me translate.

Pres Bush was determined to play by the NAFTA rules. Pres Bush understood that you can't selectively obey NAFTA.

Pres Obama, and the Dem Congress, decided to do a "run around" NAFTA by killing Pres Bush's pilot in the so called "stimulus" bill.

Net result?

Mexico is outraged. Wouldn't you?

Beyond trucks, the larger picture is more troubling.

We saw some of that "larger picture" during Pres Lula's trip to Washington.

Back to Stratfor:

"For the Obama administration to find itself in a trade dispute with Mexico this early on, and with no concrete overtures to make toward Brazil, it is clear that the administration is putting domestic politics ahead of relations with Latin America."

Pres Obama is still acting like the candidate who told Ohio and PA union workers what they wanted to hear about NAFTA.

Unfortunately, he is alienating our two most important commercial partners in Latin America, namely Mexico and Brazil.



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