Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Limbaugh Distraction # 3: Where was the outrage when Dems wanted Bush to fail?

We are having a little fun watching the Dems avoid talking about the stock market and focusing on Rush Limbaugh.

What do you do when the stock market has dropped a bunch since BO took the oath of office?

Answer: You don't talk about Pres BO.

You talk about Rush Limbaugh and the 20 million "ditto heads" who have made it the #1 radio show in the US! Do you want bet that a lot of those "ditto heads" are Dems living between LA and NY City?

Today's Dems are into some kind of nervous breakdown because Limbaugh said that he wanted BO's policies to fail.

They have been in some kind of mental anguish over Limbaugh's remarks.

Well, our bloggers did a little did research.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit, we have uncovered a bit of gem:

Did Pres Bush go into whining mode and attack, say, Keith Obermann or Air America? Did Bush say anything because so many Dems wanted him to fail?

No he didn't!

He changed strategy in Iraq and the rest is history.

Newt Gingrich hit this one of the park today:


Talk about Pres Obama breaking his campaign promise about earmarks?

Heck no! Talk about Limbaugh!

Jeniffer Rubin reminds us that candidate Obama was not going to be like that:

"We were going to put away childish things.

We were not going to engage in needless partisanship.

We were done with Red America and Blue America.

These were the sentiments of candidate Barack Obama.

But President Obama didn’t get through his Inaugural Address without making sure the battle lines were drawn." (What Ever Happened to Unity?)

I don't mind partisan politics. I don't mind hardball.

I do despise "cry-babies" who pitch inside and then cry when you pitch them inside!

Grow up Democrats! You won the election!

Start governing and stop whining!



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