Monday, March 02, 2009

Hug a "yes we can screamer" because BO is going to break a lot of campaign promises!

On Friday, Pres BO said some amazing things about Iraq. He sounded a lot like Sen McCain or Pres Bush!

I guess that's what happens when you are speaking to US Marines rather than "yes we can screamers".

During the campaign, candidate Obama was great at telling people what they wanted to hear.

Let's look at Iraq. See Steve Chapman:

"Barack Obama opposed the war in Iraq from the outset, promised to bring our troops home in short order and criticized John McCain for his "stubborn refusal to end this misguided war."

Without his stance against the war, he would not have won the Democratic nomination and he would not have won the election.

But the meaning of his speech Friday at Camp Lejeune is that we shouldn't have believed him."

I will go further.

Can you believe BO saying anything like that during the campaign or debates?

He would have faced a "yes we can" temper tantrum!

Let's look at GITMO.

I will you bet a coffee today that Pres BO does not close GITMO.

Let's look at all of that talk about "human rights":

Abe Greenwald has a good post today about candidate Obama vs President Obama:

"Michael Barone is not overstating the case when he writes:

One arrow in the quiver of American foreign policy has been our pressing — sometimes sotto voce (as in the Helsinki Accords), sometimes in opera buffa (”Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”) — tyrannical regimes to honor human rights.

Hillary Clinton has put that arrow over her knee, broken it in two and thrown it away.

Barone is referring to Clinton’s blunt announcement to the Chinese that the U.S. is not in the Human Rights business these days." (Done with Human Rights)

Human rights was for the "yes we can" screamers.

Reality is for grown ups!

You see the Chinese own a lot of our T-Bills.

We can't preach "human rights" to people who own our public debt.

Of course, we saw the same thing in 1992 when candidate Clinton, the one married to our Sec of State, beat up the first Pres Bush over China.

What did he do after winning the election?

He did two things.

He followed Pres. Bush's policy.

He went further than Pres Bush: Clinton signs China trade deal!

Last, but not least, there is Afghanistan, where Pres BO will face a lot of problems within his own party.

Did you notice that Pres Obama just sent 17,000 troops to Afghanistan with a press release?

No TV speech, as Pres Bush did with the surge.

No speech to Congress. No speech before Congress requesting an enhanced resolution about the Afghan war.

Where is the Dem outrage? Isn't Pres Obama expanding the war?

Go out and hug "a yes we can screamer".

Pres BO is in the White House now. He is responsible for our national security.

The "yes we can" rock concert is over. It's time for the "yes we can" screamers to go home, drink their milk and listen to their parents complain about how the "rich", i.e. all of us, will pay for Obama's expansion of government.

P.S. Here is the moral of the story: Beware of Dems telling you what you want to hear. They are usually telling you what you want to hear rather previewing what they will do after the election!




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